Made by Raffi: Bullying is Not OK

Made by Raffi by Craig Pomranz and Margaret Chamberlain
Made by Raffi is a beautifully illustrated book with an important message. Bullying is not okay and the results on/for a child can be devastating. In this book there is a young boy who is ‘different’ and participates in activities that are different from his peers. He likes to read, is introverted, and enjoys knitting and sewing.

His peers make fun of him, call him names, and exclude him from activities. As the story progresses, Raffi’s differences no longer matter and his peers accept him for who he is. This is as it should be….

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Applying ACEs to Juvenile Justice

The high rate of abused and neglected children within the juvenile justice system was one of the themes percolating throughout a three-day conference on childhood trauma last week in San Francisco.

“The relationship between childhood trauma and juvenile justice involvement is pretty startling,” said Karleen Jakowski, supervisor of adolescent behavioral services at a non-profit health clinic in Yolo County. Jakowski was one of five juvenile justice panelists at the conference calling for improvement in the treatment of traumatized youth. …

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What can we learn from: Dead Poets Society?

One of my favorite movies set in 1959 New England at an all boys prep school, Dead Poets Society. A new English teacher arrives portrayed by Robin Williams who happens to be one of my favorite actors. Since his death, I find myself drawn to his movies and his various characters. A great loss that Robin Williams took his own life.

In the movie, one of the students, Neil, as all teenagers do-is trying to find his own path. His parents want him to go to Harvard and study medicine, but he wants to be an actor. His parents who are not well off have sacrificed much to send him to this school as they feel it will give him the necessary prep to attend Harvard….

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7.5% of Children 6-17 Given Psychotropic Medication

According to a study released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 7.5% of children ages 6-17 were prescribed medication for “emotional or behavioral difficulties” during a 6 month period from 2010-2011. More than half the parents of these children reported that the medication helped “a lot”.

In addition those children enrolled in Medicaid or Child Health Plus were more likely to be prescribed medication as were children whose families were 100% below the poverty line.

Male patients were prescribed medication significantly more than their female counterparts at a rate of 9.7% vs. 5.2%. …

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Crust Punks, Street Thugs, and Gutter Rats?

While in Tucson over the last few days, there were rumblings amidst the locals about homeless youth that are spending time around the university and downtown arts district. Traveling by rail, these kids from the street, have landed in Arizona during the winter. Tucsonans had described these youth as ……

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Connecting Policy and Practice in Children’s Mental Health

Federal policies frequently have profound effects on how social workers are able to provide services to children and families yet many practitioners and consumers are often unaware of the policies that are impacting them. Policies come in the form of legislation passed in the House and Senate and ……

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Interview with SJS’s newest Syndicate: Ysette Guevara from Minds on Fire

I personally am an avid reader, I blog professionally and I love to come across blogs of interest that I find inspiring. SJS’s newest syndicate is one of those must read blogs. Minds on Fire-Ysette Guevara’s mission, her goals, her passion come through her writing and that is rare. SJS is honored to bring her on board! Read below to learn more about her as an individual, but also to learn about the projects she is working on with youth….

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Mental Health and Bullying

Teen bullying: why does it sometimes feel as if nothing is being done? Why are there so many teens being teased by their peers? Have things changed so much since I was in high school that the youth of today is under so much more stress, anxiety, and emotional pain? The youth of today is experiencing life much differently than a generation ago. Technology, social media, economics, family dynamics (more divorced, separated or blended families) and the educational demands (standardized testing, academic achievements) of schools today seem to place a huge load on kids….Full Story @

Today is the First National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

Today marks the first ever National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day (NYHAAD) in the United States, a day founded by Advocates for Youth’s Amplify Project in an effort to:
“to educate the public about the impact of HIV and AIDS on young people as well as highlight the amazing work…


Girls Can be Whatever They Want or Can They?

Girls Action Foundation is a Canadian non-profit that has been advancing girls’ empowerment since 1995. According to a brief put out by Girls Action and Status of Women Canada, significant challenges remain especially for girls who are marginalized. In addition to those related to…