Dressember: A Movement

Blythe Hill is Founder of the Dressember movement. Blythe has a background in writing and received her MA from Cal State Fullerton. Having worked on editorials for a local magazine, she currently works for a fashion forecasting company in Culver City.

What inspired you to create the Dressember movement?
In 2009, I wanted to do something which would make me feel challenged. That’s when the thought of a style challenge came to mind. It occurred to me to wear a dress every day for a month. The next full month coming up was December and being a lover of word play and puns, I called the style challenge “Dressember.”
How was this movement able to grow to the extent it has in such a relative short time?
At the time I started it, I thought Dressember would be a one-time event. But a lot of my friends took notice of what I did and wanted to join in with me for the following year. So, it grew. In 2011, I felt there was something missing. With the Movember movement, where men are encouraged to grow mustaches in November, awareness and money is raised to combat prostate and testicular cancer and men’s health issues.

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Deconstructing “the Good Old Days” in Canada

I often hear positive references to the “good old days” as individuals reflect on how much better things were in the past, and yet, as a visible minority female immigrant, I cannot help but consider how much worse my experience would have been in the “good old days” given the strides that have been made with anti-oppressive practice approaches.  …

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WesJet Passenger’s Note to Pilot Teaches Social Justice

Many of us have seen the not so polite note which was left by a passenger for the captain of his WesJet flight from Calgary to

Brithish Columbia which read:
A woman being a mother is the most honor. Not as ‘captain.’ Were short on mothers, not pilots WestJet.

Proverbs 31

(Sorry not ……

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Three Minutes To See What’s The Matter With Gender Roles

This is an essay for stand-up guys who aren’t really convinced that our culture is crazily biased against women, and that they should be upset about it. I’m going to try to convince you of this in three minutes, two if you’re a fast reader…Full Story @ http://read.socialjusticesolutions.org/28

Lifting The Veil On Women’s Rights: Saudi Arabia Starts Campaign

Women is Saudi Arabia have taken a huge step for equality with the anti-domestic violence campaign, “No More Abuse.” Associated with the King Khalid Foundation, this campaign is a major milestone in a country where gender inequality rank at one of the worst in the world. Women in the country…


FDA Approves Plan B One-Step Emergency Contraceptive For Women Over 15 Without Prescription

In what is considered a debatable move by many, the Food and Drug Administration yesterday approved Plan B One-Step, one of three available emergency contraceptives on the market, for use by women 15 and over with a prescription. The approval does not cover access to Plan B and ella, the two…


Handbags and Briefcases: Women in the Workplace in Fiction and Reality

Like most men my age, I am a huge fan of the shows “Entourage” and “Mad Men.” And like most men my age, I have a job I wish was as awesome as either of these shows. Two of my favorite characters of all time are Ari Gold and Don Draper. Both are exceedingly strong, charismatic, dominant,…