Profile of a Healthy Marriage

F. Douglas Stephenson, LCSW, LMFT, BCD
Former President, The Florida Society for Clinical Social Work

                Modern day society is filled with idealized models that define physical perfection. For most of us, these are unattainable and unrealistic. Idealized ……

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Treating Addiction With Mindful Thinking

We’ve seen in this previous article here about how mindfulness can provide help and sustenance to adults who have suffered from the traumas of abuse, and it is becoming increasingly clear that as a tool for mental wellness, the power of this way of thinking, grounded in Buddhist practice definitely has manifold benefits.
Scientists, doctors and psychologists are now looking into how mindfulness therapy can be used to treat patients who present with the signs and symptoms of addiction, and how it can help to ease not only the mental effects, but the physical pain that is experienced too….

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Essentials of Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice

For many years, I have taught “Introduction to Psychoanalysis” from the vantage point of Descriptive Psychology. The policy I try to follow is to use ordinary language and to avoid concepts and theory that do not actually inform my day-to-day practice. Each semester, given input from my students, this is ……

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Unfinished Conversation: Healing From Suicide and Loss

Robert E. Lesoine’s best friend Larry took his life by suicide on October 15, 2005. Although Lesoine knew Larry was struggling with feelings of disappointment, dejection, and loss, along with the return of debilitating pain associated with a past injury, Lesoine did not see the intensity of Larry’s des ……

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Intentional Action

Intentionality and its observed manifestation as intentional action are dominant organizing concepts in psychology, although with rare exceptions, a concept poorly articulated. In the realms of cognitive neuroscience, psychoanalysis, the theories of cognitive and behavior therapy, and the various humanistic approaches to psychology, everybody talks about intentionality, but often without clarity. Can we be clearer?…

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Better Living Through Pharmaceuticals

The love/hate relationship of mental health professionals is centered mainly around psychopharmacology. While advances in the field have meant that mental health drugs are more suited and safer than ever before, it is by no means perfect. On a day to day basis many who work in the field find patients who are over medicated, under medicated, want medication, and flat out refuse. Often, the adjustment periods and side effects can account for much of the non-compliance and issues individuals have with the prescription….

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The Problem of Defining Empathy

In the behavioral sciences it is often very difficult to know if we are on the same page. This confusion plagues many of our discussions. How do we define our terms? How do we manage useful disagreement? Are we even talking about the same thing? These issues surfaced immediately at The Helix Center’s roundtable on empathy and altruism given the various commitments people have when they use these concepts….Full Story @

Bridging the Experience Gap between Transitioning Veterans and Civilian Counselors

In the course of a dialogue, whether in a therapeutic setting, a social engagement, or even in a political environment, it is necessary to first bridge the distances in paradigms and experiences among participants, so that a common understanding between communicants can be realized. Few ……Full Story @