Resource Alert: Revamped National Human Trafficking Resource Center

By Sharon E. Chin

In lieu of the non-profit agency’s – formerly known as Polaris Project – transition to simply “Polaris”, their National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) has also matured into their very own site. Polaris has been one of the biggest forerunners in bringing awareness to the growing issue of modern-day slavery in the United States. Their hotline has been used by victims, professionals, and citizens alike since 2007.

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New Giveaway: Financial Social Work Certification Enrollment

To celebrate the forthcoming launch of our latest certification program update, Financial Social Work Certification 3.0, we are hosting another amazing free giveaway! Fill out the form to the right and enter to win one of three enrollments into the Financial Social Work Certification Program!…

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Technology, Job Searching And Effort

Technology has changed society in many ways, most of them beneficial. You can arrange to have your groceries delivered to your house, order clothing, have a pizza delivered, shop for a new car, even a home or research your next career and register for school, all without leaving your home. But there’s a downside to technology, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll find yourself withdrawn, having poor interpersonal skills, and feel anxious when you do think about getting out and meeting people and have to interact with them. …

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Don’t Mess with a Jedi Master

A not so long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away…five adult bullies decided to take a golf club and beat up on a young adult male with a cane. Clearly, these aggressors thought of the young man as an easy target. They stalked him after his college class to an empty parking lot. The motives for this beating were unclear. Clarity did come to these perpetrators of violence though. You see their perceived pray is the instructor or should I say Jedi Master, of our light sabering group. …

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Technological Advances to Grieving and Closure

Losing people we love is never easy. Since the advent of video cameras, families have used televisions to display streams of memories during wakes and memorial services. Often accompanied by picture boards, mourners had a way to remember times, places, and experiences of their loved one. Complicated by distance, illness, or finances, some mourners never get the chance to say goodbye in this way. Grieving the loss of a loved one can be complicated. While technology is not new to the field of grief, we are now exploring more digital options connected to technology allowing for client centered grieving options. …

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New Webinar: 5 Success Secrets to Client Financial Goal Setting

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT
Do you know the top New Year’s resolution every year? It’s improving personal financial circumstances (along with losing weight). The best way to turn resolutions into reality? Goal setting. Attend this webinar to understand how to both set and achieve ……

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Example of a Technology Assessment/rubric for use with Families

Happy New Year everyone! I am attaching a link for a technology assessment I use with families. This link goes to my website page of educational trainings. Under technology series, look down to technology assessments. You will see sample questions and the technology assessment rubric. Use these as you see fit in your practice. If you have any suggestions, modifications, or want to share your experience with this tool, please do. …

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