What Social Workers Make?

The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life. One man decided to explain the problem with social services. He argued, “How’s a person going to benefit from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a social worker?” He reminded the other dinner guests what they say about social workers- “Bleeding heart liberals.” To stress his point, he said to one of the guests, “You’re a social worker, Bonnie. Be honest. What do you make?”…

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Social Work as a Profession has Value

I came across a discussion on LinkedIn in a social work group titled: The Failure of Social Work. Maybe it is only me, but I take issue with the title of the post. Why is social work itself a failure? As a profession it does not have the same ‘value’ as other professions in society, but it is a needed profession. Who do people turn to when they have questions or need help with or for a family member, friend, client, patient or themselves? Usually a social worker….

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Why I support the ‘Final Words’ book project

Final Words: 517 executed prisoners of Texas Death Row share their last words. It’s time to listen!

This is not a typical SCSJ blog post. I am speaking to you as one person to another, not in my professional capacity as an attorney. I hope you will bear with me. -Shoshannah Sayers, Deputy D ……

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Release of "Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation…: A Guide forthe Health Sector" Part 2

Since victims and survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking are exposed to such extreme situations, they have higher risk of experiencing physical and/or mental illness that may require treatment. The possibility of interaction between health provider and victim places health providers in unique positions where they can provide care and assistance while victims are being exploited. The greatest barrier, however, to providing appropriate care to victims, is the health care professional’s inability to recognize their patient’s exploited state. …

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State asks court to deny appeal of ruling on voting law

This news piece is in response to the request by SCSJ, on behalf of the League of Women Voters of North Carolina, to reverse the August 8 2014 ruling that denied a request to put North Carolina’s strict new voting laws on hold until a full trial can be held on whether the laws are permissible under the Voting Rights Act.
Blocking North Carolina’s new voting law now would lead to confusion and long lines during November’s general election, state attorneys argue.
The North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, the League of Women Voters (represented by the Southern Coalition for Social Justice) and others are asking the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., to reverse the Aug. 8 ruling by U.S. District Judge Thomas D. Schroeder that denied their request to bar provisions of the law from going into effect for the Nov. 4 election.

Republican legislators passed the Voter Information Verification Act last year. The law’s most publicized provision requires voters to have one of seven acceptable forms of photo identification by 2016.

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Excerpt: “What it Takes to Free a Sex Slave”

By Candice Hong
A rescuer of sex slaves discusses the difficulties of his work, but endorses the positive impact it has on a society.

“This initial process can take anywhere from one week to a year or more, depending on the scope of the operation. A quality target package represents hundreds o ……

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The truth about voter fraud truthers

This post is a response to Ron Christie’s recent article, “Hey Eric Holder: Voter ID Isn’t Stuck in 1965.”

The truth about voter fraud truthers

In what can only be described as a bewildering exercise in editorial end-zone dancing, Ron Christie, writing for the Daily Beast, argued recently that Federal District Court Judge Thomas Schroeder’s August 8th ruling represents a clear victory for voter-ID proponents. Given the fact that Schroeder’s opinion made no mention of voter-ID provisions, however, Christie’s position leaves the reader “wondering at the competence and integrity” of the author and his views….

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You’re Being Prejudice: And Other Familiar Tales

It started benignly enough, a passing comment about an email that my mother received from a far-away cousin. And then instantly it changed. You see, that far-away cousin forwarded a ‘news’ story portraying a subversive take over within American culture. His warning was that there is an incoming storm wai ……

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Borderland’s Children: Vulnerabilities of Immigrant Children (Part 2)

By Sharon E. Chin

The issue of unaccompanied immigrant children has a more sinister underbelly. On the surface, the practical concern of where children will be placed is glaringly important. As discussed in Part 1, there are public health risks caused by so many undocumented – and possibly sick – children being housed in small quarters. Aside from the physical presentation of the undocumented children, there are concerns for their mental and emotional health.

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