Written consent as a tool of racial equity

This piece first appeared on The Durham News website on August 22, 2014. It has been modified to include a video mentioned in the text of the article.
City Manager Tom Bonfield’s report to the City Council this week, in which he announced his plans regarding the embattled Durham Police Department, may lead to a department that is more accountable to the public. However, left unchanged, it is unlikely to make significant progress in reducing the large racial disparities evident in a decade’s worth of data on Durham policing. …

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Overview: The work of SCSJ

Clean Slate

Racial Profiling

Disenfranchised by Voter ID in NC

People Change

Voting Rights and Section 5

Champions of Change

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Community supports Durham FADE recommendations

Yesterday, nine community organizations partnered with the Durham FADE Coalition and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice to prioritize five of the more than 30 recommendations from the Human Relations Commission meant to end racial profiling by the Durham Police Department….

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Witnessing Racial Profiling At USC Party

Two parties were thrown by University of Southern California students and were occurring on the same street at the same time. One party was predominantly made up of White students, the other was predominately made up of Black students. One of the parties was disbanded by 77 police officers…