Will the Supreme Court Deal a Fatal Blow to ObamaCare?

All eyes are on Republicans gaining control of the Senate and affirming their commitment to repealing the Affordable Care law.  However, the decision by four Supreme Court justices to hear arguments in King v. Burwell challenging premium subsidies on healthcare exchanges operated by the federal government could deal a blow to the ACA if the Supreme Court rules against the subsidies….

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CA Senate unanimously approves ACEs reduction resolution

On August 18, the California Senate unanimously approved Concurrent Resolution (ACR) No. 155 to encourage statewide policies to reduce children’s exposure to adverse childhood experiences. As reported on ACEs Too High, the resolution is modeled after a Wisconsin resolution that encourages state policy decision-making to consider the impact of early childhood adversity on the long-term health and well being of its citizens….

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Georgia juvenile court judge galvanizes statewide child trauma initiatives

Douglas County (GA) Juvenile Court Judge Peggy Walker and “Dalton”

Douglas County Juvenile Court Judge Peggy Walker is an activist judge for the children of Georgia – the children she loves who do not get what they need for healthy, successful lives. She’s seen how the ……

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Reduce ACEs by dismantling the “prison industrial complex”

When I was a child growing up in Kentucky, my father made regular visits − usually at night − to the local jail to provide medical care to inmates. In one way or another, substances were the root cause of both their illnesses and their incarceration. My teetotaler father had other gritty experiences with alcohol, finding himself from a young age getting his beloved “Uncle Ed” out of the drunk tank over and over again.

Elements of these recollections from the 1950s and 60s are as universal today as ever — the impact of substance abuse on the individual, the ripple effect of addiction and incarceration on the family, imprisonment instead of treatment — but the explosion in the rates of incarceration in this country have created a crisis of proportions unthinkable in the post-WWII era….

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Social Work and the Rise of the Millennials

CRISP hosted our first student networking event Friday evening at the stylish Park at 14th which drew several dozen social work students from the area’s schools with high representation from Howard University and the University of Maryland.  There were out-of-state students as well including Kathleen Algire-Fedarcyk from Columbia University where I graduated in 2002.  It was an electric event.  The students were excited about CRISP being on the scene.  As I spoke with them, they all said they were there because they want to make changes in our society.  And they are not content with being direct service providers or administrators; they want to be policymakers….

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Senate Considering the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act

On Monday, February 4, 2013, “The Senate voted overwhelmingly” to reintroduce “the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA)” after the act died on the floor the without re-authorization at the end of the last session.
As lead author, U.S. Senate Judiciary…