7.5% of Children 6-17 Given Psychotropic Medication

According to a study released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 7.5% of children ages 6-17 were prescribed medication for “emotional or behavioral difficulties” during a 6 month period from 2010-2011. More than half the parents of these children reported that the medication helped “a lot”.

In addition those children enrolled in Medicaid or Child Health Plus were more likely to be prescribed medication as were children whose families were 100% below the poverty line.

Male patients were prescribed medication significantly more than their female counterparts at a rate of 9.7% vs. 5.2%. …

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Better Living Through Pharmaceuticals

The love/hate relationship of mental health professionals is centered mainly around psychopharmacology. While advances in the field have meant that mental health drugs are more suited and safer than ever before, it is by no means perfect. On a day to day basis many who work in the field find patients who are over medicated, under medicated, want medication, and flat out refuse. Often, the adjustment periods and side effects can account for much of the non-compliance and issues individuals have with the prescription….

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Unmet Mental Health Needs of Children in Foster Care

As a follow-up to a previous article on youth in the child welfare system and overuse of psychotropic medications, here are some highlights from the December 2012 Government Accountability Office’s Congressional report on Children’s Mental Health: Concerns Remain About Appropriate Services…