Maxims for Vertebrates (Policies and Behavioral Logic)

and how chasing your tail makes sense.

Policies are guides to how we’d like to live our lives. Maxims are the behavioral logic that guide proper description.

“If the situation calls for a person to do something he can’t do, he will do something he can do instead,” is different from the more ……

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It’s Been a While

Unfortunately, life got ahead of me this summer as I went into a “full steam ahead” mode to get the word out about my book, interspersed with visits from three of my grandchildren.  I apologize for not having kept up with my self-imposed schedule of blog postings about my author endeavors and current addiction medicine related matters. To all of you who have read Addiction on Trial, thank you; and if you posted a review on Amazon, an extra thank you  …

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The inheritance of the impact of traumatic stress across generations: A novel biological mechanism in sperm

By: Isabelle Mansuy, Ph.D.

Exposure to traumatic events in childhood or early adolescence can change a person and perturb her life for many years. It can also have an impact on the following progeny and affect a family across several generations. Such inheritance is independent of social and cultural factors, but involves biological processes. Researchers of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich have now identified a novel mechanism that can explain how the effects of trauma exposure can be transmitted across generations….

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Playing for the Fun of It: Some notes about our Playful Universe.

…the fun of playing…. As a concept, it cannot be reduced to any other mental category. Johan Huizinga, Homo Ludens
Consciousness is the first example of the selectiveness of enjoyment in the higher animals. Alfred North Whitehead, Modes of Thought
A Zilch particle is a person with almost everything left out. Peter Ossorio

Satisfaction accompanies intrinsicness. Anthony Putman
Let’s play around with some ideas. I’m going to take steps to build the case that play abounds. That nature teems with it and that it serves no necessary purpose other than having fun.

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Neurobiology, Symbolic Imagery & Jung — And A Book That Brings Them Together

The Neurobiology of the Gods (2012) first gained accolades for grounding CG Jung’s ideas in modern neuroscience. Yet Goodwyn’s explanation for why we create symbolic imagery makes this an important book not only for analytical psychologists, but also for evolutionary psychologists, traumatologists, and anyone interested in the central role of symbolic imagery for human experience….

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“Goddesses” By Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell, as the popularizer of the hero’s journey, has been criticized by feminist scholars for creating a somewhat lopsided and masculine view of the role of mythology in personal and cultural development. For example, in a lecture* on Joseph Campbell’s chronicling of the hero’s journey, Christine Downey argued the myths shared in Campbell’s classic book The Hero With A Thousand Faces are primarily associated with masculine pubertal initiation rites, and thus fail to address feminine aspects of self and society as well as other significant transitions that occur across the lifespan.

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