Letting Social Workers Shine

I find myself growing sentimental as time moves quickly towards graduation. Dealing with these feelings speaks to many aspects of life. During the course of our lives we will be expected to move on from what we know, who we know, and everything we are comfortable with in order to grow. We are like hermit ……

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A Spotlight On The MSW Leader

Are you aware that professionals with Masters in Social Work (MSW) are found in fields such as government, law enforcement, and corporate realms? There is a disconnect in understanding on how MSWs create positive change in leadership positions across different professions. Furthermore, the stigma ……

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Eliminating the Field Internship Requirement in Social Work Education?

Recently, Social Justice Solutions published a blog post on “the importance of social work internships” which mentioned attempts to influence the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) to reduce its field placement requirements in its MSW accreditation standards. A petition drive is currently being con ……

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Things They Don’t Tell You In Social Work School Part II

This might be the longest wait for a sequel outside of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, but it’s something that I have been meaning to do for a while. Previously on Things They Don’t Tell You In Social Work School, we discussed 5 things that you just don’t get told in school. In celebration of Socia ……

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Adding to the MSW Degree

Now that summer is over and fall upon us, it is the time of year I focus on reflection. I find myself looking to add to my ‘toolbox’ even though I have my MSW degree. Every professional should add to their skill set, improve or expand their knowledge base and continue to learn.

I find myself researching online designations, certificate programs and online courses that interest me and can be taken independently that will enhance my professionalism. I have found a few that grabbed my attention and now I have to narrow down the choice. I am debating between 2 actually, one of which is a designation and one a certificate program. The price for each is reasonable and can be paid in installments and I have 6 months for one and 18 months for the other to complete the coursework, exams and both are online programs. One through a reputable company and the other through a university….

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Chronicling an MSW Internship

The trees outside my living room window are quickly going from green to gold. It’s a new school year. Even the years between college and graduate school, I thought each fall about the thrill of packing up a book bag full of fresh paper and pens, the sound of new textbook spines crackling open for the firs ……

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SW Career and Job Series-Part 2

A career in social work-a very noble profession with values, ethics, social justice and research behind it. Why have you chosen the field of social work? What is the draw besides the obvious connection to people, to make a difference and to provide those individuals in society who have less with…