Growing Number of Homeless Children is Shameful

A troubling new report released recently by the National Center on Family Homelessness at the American Institutes for Research documents the growing distress among the nation’s children.  More children are sliding further into poverty and experiencing homelessness.  Using data from the Department of Education and the Census Department—researchers led by Ellen Bassuk found that one in 30—or 2.5 million American children—were homeless at some point last year.  That represents an eight percent increase nationally from 2012.  They found child homelessness increased in 31 states and the District of Columbia and that the problem exists in every state, every city and every county in America.  We know that outcomes for children experiencing homelessness are disastrous.  We know that this growing problem does not get solved by the mothers of these children just doing the right thing. …

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What Do We Want from the President?

Should Republicans take control of the United States Senate there will be many political pundits faulting Democrats for their inability to get black voters to go the polls.  Why won’t black voters go to the polls in large numbers?  Well, it’s a non-presidential election which typically leads to low voter ……

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Getting Social Workers Out of the Closet

There has been much talk recently about who can legitimately call themselves social workers.  What training is required?  Which licenses are needed?  And, there have been many discussions about the variations of social work licenses that exist in different states.  License or no license, we know that many social workers are “hiding” in non-clinical environments and in places where it doesn’t seem much social work is happening.  Places like Congress, the World Bank and federal agencies such as the departments of Labor, Housing, Education and Health and Human Services (HHS).  In many of these settings, social workers operate under cover….

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Lines Of Demarcation

I promise to you at the outset of this article that this isn’t going to be another diatribe by a whining social work student about the gaps in his education, the soaring costs of tuition or any of the other number of things that a student could whine about. I want to draw your attention instead to an insidious problem that is infecting the “ Academy “. This isn’t my problem, or your problem, it’s our problem. What is this problem you ask? Well pull up a comfortable chair, clear some time from your busy schedule and let me tell you what I see happening. …

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Good News for Macro Social Work Practice?

There may be good news on the horizon for social workers who appreciate the need for our profession to be more involved with influencing institutions and policies.  The Association for Community Organizing and Social Administration’s (ACOSA) Special Commission to Advance Macro Practice in Social Work ……

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Who Is A Social Worker?

My social work training has been useful in a wide range of experiences including my years working in the House of Representatives. Needless to say, Congress these days presents a challenging environment. The spirit of cooperation between and sometimes within parties is often difficult to achieve. I described my experience on the Hill as being able to navigate dysfunction. Yet working with Congressman Ed Towns, a social worker, we were able to create a bipartisan bicameral Congressional Social Work Caucus that is now chaired by Rep. Barbara Lee of California who is one of seven social workers serving in the House of Representatives. Social workers who choose macro practice often work in nontraditional social work environments but we still are social workers. At least I want to believe we are….

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