When it comes to love, don’t ask ‘why’ but ‘how’

Yesterday I started working on a Valentine’s day project that was inspired by a thought that came to me during my morning meditation. Here is the email I sent out to my list of loved ones last night. I invite readers to spread the love this week.

Dear friends:

On February 7th an insight came to me during my morning meditation: When it comes to love, don’t ask ‘why’ but ‘how.’ We could waste a lot of time pondering the why to no end. Asking why seems to imply that our loved ones “earn” our love by being or acting a certain way. Fact is we love whom we love. Why do we need explanations?

What truly matters is how we express our love. Do you show it through words or actions? Do you shout it from the mountaintops or send it out quietly into the universe? Most pertinently of all, do you love in ways that are consonant with the individual needs of others, or only in the manner you’re comfortable with?…

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A Three-Strand Theory of Love and Attraction

“You can be in love and still have a life, you know? You can build something.”

—Jennifer Egan, The Invisible Circus

One of the really brilliant aspects of Egan’s treatment of her protagonist’s coming of age is its depiction of teenage watchfulness. At 18, Phoebe reads the world and the people around her for clues on how to build a life and make connections. Unsurprisingly, romantic relationships are a particular point of fascination for her. Here is Phoebe, spying on her sister’s former high school sweetheart and his fiancée as they hunt through apartment listings in the paper:…

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Police K-9 Officer Teaches Compassion in His Final Hour

Approximately 20 years ago the Plymouth, MA K-9 program was retired, but under the leadership of Chief Botieri, it was re-instituted in the spring of 2010.  In March of 2011, an email was received from a family wishing to donate their six month old German Shepard to the program, that dog’s name Kaiser. Kaiser spent 6 months learning how to fulfill that role as a police dog and then was partnered with Jamie LeBretton.  The two worked and lived together for almost two years, protecting each other at work and playing with the family at home….Full Story @ http://read.socialjusticesolutions.org/2r

What Is Social Justice: Part II

What is Social Justice? Social justice haunts my dreams, and follows me throughout the day. No evening can come without me reflecting on what it is, and how I fit into social justice during the day. It is impossible for me, especially running this organization, to not wonder about it constantly….


Social Change Might Take 1000, Let’s Start Anyway.

One of the main reasons that social change is hard to come by is that it simply takes time. A person might read that and think I mean 5 years, or maybe 10, but that is not what I have in mind. A real social movement could literally take thousands of years to be effective. At the heart of it,…


A Reality Love Story

I’ll admit it, there are certain reality shows that I love to watch. I attempt to shun them and act as though they hold no appeal and then somehow find myself completely engrossed in someone else’s life. Although I still stand true to my belief that some reality shows, such as The…


Song Supporting Same Sex Marriage Prompts Middle School Teacher’s Suspension

By Georgianna Reilly, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer
Recently, a middle school teacher in the Detroit, Susan Johnson, area played a the song “Same Love” in her performing arts class at the suggestion of a student. The song’s lyrics support and promote diversity,  by supporting same…


Hot Or Not? Why Mean People Are More Attractive

Why are hot people mean? Is it because their over-inflated ego from being better looking than average creates a mean personality? Studies say no. One theory is that mean people are actually more attractive because they are more willing to portray a sense of their worth. The article states it is…