Applying ACEs to Juvenile Justice

The high rate of abused and neglected children within the juvenile justice system was one of the themes percolating throughout a three-day conference on childhood trauma last week in San Francisco.

“The relationship between childhood trauma and juvenile justice involvement is pretty startling,” said Karleen Jakowski, supervisor of adolescent behavioral services at a non-profit health clinic in Yolo County. Jakowski was one of five juvenile justice panelists at the conference calling for improvement in the treatment of traumatized youth. …

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Foster Youths Re-Writing their Past

“When you go through the system, you train yourself not to remember your life, so I only remember my life from second grade on.” — Sade, former foster youth.
Sade and her siblings officially went into the system when she was 13. Her mother was a drug addict and physically abusive. That’s all Sade knew. Anger and rage become the words that identified her.

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Unmet Mental Health Needs of Children in Foster Care

As a follow-up to a previous article on youth in the child welfare system and overuse of psychotropic medications, here are some highlights from the December 2012 Government Accountability Office’s Congressional report on Children’s Mental Health: Concerns Remain About Appropriate Services…


Imagine Giving An Infant A Psychiatric Drug

by Michelle Sicignano, LMSW, Staff Writer, Social Justice Solutions
I cannot imagine any circumstance in which an infant age one or under would ever be prescribed an anti-anxiety medication, let alone one in the benzodiazepine family. I cannot even imagine children under 5 prescribed psychiatric…


The Criminalization of Marginalized Youth

The United States Justice Department took one step forward in the fight against the criminalization of marginalized youth this past Wednesday by filing a law suit “claiming that the due process rights of children are “repeatedly and routinely” violated when arrested for minor offenses,…