Resource Alert: Revamped National Human Trafficking Resource Center

By Sharon E. Chin

In lieu of the non-profit agency’s – formerly known as Polaris Project – transition to simply “Polaris”, their National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) has also matured into their very own site. Polaris has been one of the biggest forerunners in bringing awareness to the growing issue of modern-day slavery in the United States. Their hotline has been used by victims, professionals, and citizens alike since 2007.

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Dressember: A Movement

Blythe Hill is Founder of the Dressember movement. Blythe has a background in writing and received her MA from Cal State Fullerton. Having worked on editorials for a local magazine, she currently works for a fashion forecasting company in Culver City.

What inspired you to create the Dressember movement?
In 2009, I wanted to do something which would make me feel challenged. That’s when the thought of a style challenge came to mind. It occurred to me to wear a dress every day for a month. The next full month coming up was December and being a lover of word play and puns, I called the style challenge “Dressember.”
How was this movement able to grow to the extent it has in such a relative short time?
At the time I started it, I thought Dressember would be a one-time event. But a lot of my friends took notice of what I did and wanted to join in with me for the following year. So, it grew. In 2011, I felt there was something missing. With the Movember movement, where men are encouraged to grow mustaches in November, awareness and money is raised to combat prostate and testicular cancer and men’s health issues.

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Release of "Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation…: A Guide forthe Health Sector" Part 2

Since victims and survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking are exposed to such extreme situations, they have higher risk of experiencing physical and/or mental illness that may require treatment. The possibility of interaction between health provider and victim places health providers in unique positions where they can provide care and assistance while victims are being exploited. The greatest barrier, however, to providing appropriate care to victims, is the health care professional’s inability to recognize their patient’s exploited state. …

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Release of Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States: Guide for Health Care Sector_Part 1

The Institute of Medicine and National Research Council has recently released an abridged version of the 2013 “Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States” specifically developed for the health care sector. The original, a dense report at 465 pages, was fi ……

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A Study: Mental Disorders in Women Survivors of Human Trafficking

A study from BioMed Central Psychiatry was conducted in response to reports of women survivors of human trafficking suffering from symptoms of mental disorders. The purpose of the study was to describe the risk factors for diagnosed mental disorder among women survivors, which had not been researched in the past. Survivors used for the study were Moldova residents who experienced human trafficking as defined by the United Nations. Interviews were conducted to inquire about victims’ past experience with domestic abuse, trafficking, post-trafficking psychiatric condition, and their perceived social stressors. …

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What Role Can Healthcare Play in Anti-Trafficking Efforts?

By: Sharon E. Chin

This past week, JAMA Pediatrics released two articles discussing the role of healthcare providers and education within anti-trafficking efforts in the United States. The issue of human trafficking occurring in America is still a novelty to many American citizens….

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First Ever Validated Tool to Identify Victims of Human Trafficking Released

On June 10th the Vera Institute of Justice released the first ever validated tool to identify victims of Human Trafficking, called “Out of the Shadows”. This tool was created and tested over several years through collaboration with 11 victim services organizations in New York, California, Colorado, Texas, and Washington state and seeks to make identifying victims easier. …

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