When The ‘Twain’ Won’t Meet And ‘Might’ Defines ‘Right’

“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.”

Rudyard Kipling’s verse, from 1889, makes a mockery of pride in ‘progress’. His ‘twain’ takes many forms in contemporary Australia, and none more entrenched than the division between those who see mandatory, indefinite detention of asylum seekers as inherently wrong and those who consider it necessary to stop the boats and protect borders.

Just to be clear, I’m in the first group, and see detention as wrong, along with the rest of the punitive policies. I’ll call my pole the pro(refugee rights)group. We’re the ones described by the anti-group as biased, hysterical, bleeding-heart, un-Australian even; all the barbs for dismissing an opponent without the need for evidence.

I can’t imagine what would qualify as an un-biased position; there is no middle ground.
The poles personified: Scott Morrison and Gillian Triggs
The poles have recently been personified by Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, and Gillian Triggs, President of the Human Rights Commission, who interviewed Morrison as part of the national inquiry into children in immigration detention (click here).

It would be fair to say the Triggs-Morrison interview is fraught (click here) but also that Triggs remains on-task despite being talked over and railroaded. Morrison is…in character as Morrison (although his tie, I notice, is red!)

Responses to this headlock are also pretty much positioned at one or other of the poles….

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Invisible Victums: Sexual Exploitation And Trafficking Of Women In Mexico

By: Arun Kumar Acharya, Ph.D.

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries. Since the United Nation’s Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons was signed into law in 2001 and the Trafficking Victims Protection Act was passed in 2000, much research has b ……

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End the Immigrant Detention Quota

34 Days to End the 34,000 Immigrant Detention Quota
June 9 to July 12
Reposted from Detention Watch Network

The next 34 days are critical in our collective efforts to end the 34,000 immigrant detention quota. Sign-up today to get involved during the 34 Days to End The Quota. During the month of June, the House of Representatives will be voting on the Fiscal Year 2015 appropriations bill, which includes the detention bed quota. In the meantime, 34,000 immigrants continue to be locked-up at any given time in detention and thousands of families and communities continue to be torn apart. Now is the time to ADVOCATE, EDUCATE and ORGANIZE to #EndTheQuota. …

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First Ever Validated Tool to Identify Victims of Human Trafficking Released

On June 10th the Vera Institute of Justice released the first ever validated tool to identify victims of Human Trafficking, called “Out of the Shadows”. This tool was created and tested over several years through collaboration with 11 victim services organizations in New York, California, Colorado, Texas, and Washington state and seeks to make identifying victims easier. …

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Leave to the market what belongs in the market

I am not an economics expert by any definition but I do know that economies cannot be run like household budgets. Spending is a matter of priorities (including long term benefits) not necessarily cutting social services that cannot fund themselves.

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We are all guilty: treatment of asylum-seekers

We are in dangerous moral territory. Australian Liberal and Labor governments are guilty when it comes to the treatment of people seeking asylum. Our treatment of people has reached new heights of cruelty and we condone it by our silence. It is not just governments – everyday Australians are guilty because we allow it….

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Jumping on the Bandwagon will not Improve Abbott’s Popularity

Tony Abbot, the Australian Prime Minister, has just announced his intention to make adoptions easier and faster under the guidance of Deborah-Lee Furness (actor Hugh Jackman’s wife for those who have not heard of her) and the personal experience of a friend. If lobbyists have their way, pretty soon we will have lobbyist-led, private agencies facilitating court-mandated, domestic adoptions and overseas adoptions in one-stop shops….

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