Democrats Are In a Policy Funk

After losing the House in 2010, and now the Senate four years later, Democrats seem bereft of ideas about how to reconnect with the electorate.  Democrats seem to have a grip on the White House and Hillary Clinton appears to be the odds on favorite going into 2016.  Yet, with Republican policies blatantly favoring the rich, you have to wonder why so many middle class voters are casting votes for the GOP.  Republicans now hold majorities in both chambers of the legislatures in 29 states—their most since 1920—compared to just 11 states for the Democrats.  In 23 states, Republicans control both chambers of the state legislatures and the governorship, compared to just six Democratically-controlled states.  Republicans are now governors in 31 states including the very blues states of Maryland and Massachusetts, and President Obama’s home state of Illinois….

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Campaigning against Australia’s institutional abuse of abuse of children – We’re better than this

Yesterday I saw the We’re better than this campaign.

It is wonderful to see celebrities come out in protest of what counts amongst the worst travesties in Australian history. Australian celebrities are protesting against Australia’s treatment of refugee children. Hundreds of children are locked up in Australia, Naru, and Christmas Island. Australia is committing the institutional abuse of children and breaching their responsibilities in terms of the United Nations Conventions we are party to – those on refugees and the rights of children. Children should not be held in such conditions…but neither should their families….

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Tips for politicians: The ten things that will never work no matter how hard you try

When the Twin Towers went down some people just couldn’t keeping watching – it was too distressing. The media reports went on for days even months. Others like me couldn’t stop watching. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s a way of dealing with the trauma and disbelief. Watching Australian television in the last few months has had the same effect – like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I really don’t want to watch but just can’t help it.  So out of all this, a few observations for all the politicians out there – the 10 things that will never work no matter how hard you try.

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Gun Control: Saving America From Themselves

I was in London when the Newtown massacre occurred. As a father of four and like so many others, the event devastated me and left me searching for answers. Realizing my American status, some Brits would ask me how Americans could tolerate these massacres. I had no answers, but wanted them. To make ……

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Susan Grettenberger Finishes Strong in Race for Congress

Susan Grettenberger surprised Michigan’s Democratic Party establishment with her strong showing in the August 5th primary for the 8th Congressional District seat in Congress.  She pulled in 11,398 votes (38%) falling just short of the 13,621 votes (41%) garnered by her opponent, Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing. …

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A Gut Full Of Nonsense

Like the bloated aftermath of a big meal, I have had a gut full of politicians and some commentators, childish behaviour in parliament, inhumanity and cruelty, and nothing but ‘broken record’ and ‘blame the other guy’ tactics from our government.
Quality media is bending over backwards to ensure their ……

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Back on the Hill, Different Day, Not Much Has Changed

I’m back on the Hill in the office of Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge.  Rep. Fudge represents Cleveland and Akron, Ohio and currently serves as chairperson of the Congressional Black Caucus.  Rep. Fudge sits on the Committee on Agriculture and the Committee on Education and the Workforce.  Both are areas of great interest to social workers.  It’s a wonderful office to be in these days as spirits are riding high with the return of LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the prospects of a “Johnny Football” Manziel-led Cleveland Browns going to the NFL playoffs.  On top of that the Republican National Committee (RNC) recently selected Cleveland as the site for their 2016 presidential nominating convention and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just opened a fashion exhibition of Beyoncé’s personal collection.  Cleveland is on the rise! …

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The Value of Liberal Arts Education: Fordham Students Share Their Perspectives

At a recent interdisciplinary conference hosted by the Fordham University Center for Ethics Education, a distinguished panel comprised of university presidents, academics, and the Under Secretary of Education discussed the value of liberal arts education. Each speaker made compelling arguments ……

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The Federal Shutdown: You’ve Been Bamboozled America

After a rollercoaster 16 days, the federal shutdown is over. Now it is time for us to look at what we as Americans gained, lost, and learned from the struggle. Yep, nothing. Everything just got pushed three months down the road.  There was no concrete result, other than the plant in my office is dead because I couldn’t get into the building to water it. But since I feel obligated to write something for this site, let’s take a deeper look at the national drama of October 1st to 16th.

The first thing we have to ask ourselves is, what changed over 16 days? On October 1st the Republicans wanted to defund the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Senate and President did not. On October 16th… we were at the same place as on October 1st. Although the ACA is not unfunded, it’s not really funded either, because the continuing resolution only lasts three months. Come January, the Republicans can reboot the effort to not fund it. But that likely won’t happen because both sides are now going into negotiations with the plan that a budget settlement will be hammered out by December 13th. Everything is the same, except now they’ve agreed to talk to each other.  And my plant is dead….

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