Food Additives Part 1: An Examination of What We Eat

By: Theresa Klepper
Edited by: Sharon E. Chin

“[The] FDA is responsible for protecting and promoting public health by, among other things, ensuring that the nation’s food supply for human and animal consumption is safe, sanitary, wholesome and properly labeled ”(2).

Picture of 2 week old cappuccino remains with syrup

Can we trust what we eat?
Our faith in the well-being of the food we eat sits on the shoulders of the FDA; it’s their job to make sure we can trust what we consume. Yet are the American people healthy? When we consider what the American people think they’re eating compared with what people are actually eating, we may want to ruminate a bit more before choosing what to munch on.

Today’s eatables often contain many harmful and unnecessary additives. For the inquisitive mind, therein lies the doubt: what am I really buying, consuming, and putting into my body? Am I just eating chicken, or am I getting more than what I bargained for? The thought of not knowing if food is safe casts doubt on the current strength of regulations on additives.

Let’s review these past case studies of food additives. In Part Two of this paper, we will discuss their availability, and examine who should be held accountable for their wide spread popularity….

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