Democrats Are In a Policy Funk

After losing the House in 2010, and now the Senate four years later, Democrats seem bereft of ideas about how to reconnect with the electorate.  Democrats seem to have a grip on the White House and Hillary Clinton appears to be the odds on favorite going into 2016.  Yet, with Republican policies blatantly favoring the rich, you have to wonder why so many middle class voters are casting votes for the GOP.  Republicans now hold majorities in both chambers of the legislatures in 29 states—their most since 1920—compared to just 11 states for the Democrats.  In 23 states, Republicans control both chambers of the state legislatures and the governorship, compared to just six Democratically-controlled states.  Republicans are now governors in 31 states including the very blues states of Maryland and Massachusetts, and President Obama’s home state of Illinois….

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Social Work and the Welfare State

As a social worker on the Hill I have had a front row seat during battles over the welfare state.  Usually the main combatants are Republican conservatives who continue their relentless quest to reduce government’s involvement in providing for indigent Americans and Democratic progressives who believe go ……

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Low Income Housing Advocates Urge Senators to Keep Working on Housing Finance Bill to Get to “Yes”

Today, 33 national organizations and 163 state and local organizations send a letter to six U.S. Senators on the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee urging them to keep working on the Housing Finance Reform and Taxpayer Protection Act of 2014, the “Johnson-Crapo” bill, to get the bill to ……

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Progressive Taxation is the Only Way to Fix the Economy

I guess I get to say I told you so.  After reading hundreds of thousands of words about economic inequality written by the world’s greatest minds, I sense consensus is moving towards what this social worker had figured out five years ago.  Wealth and income inequality is growing and it is doing irr ……

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Capitalism Exploits The Body’s Response To Traumatic Stress

The Great Recession, like financial disasters before it, took its toll on bodies and psyches as much as it did on bank accounts and lifestyles. Suicides, family violence, stress-related diseases, and mental disorders increased during the crisis. For many, these hardships continue. Yet even during the best of times capitalism’s dependency on social hierarchies — coupled with its unpredictable cycles of growth and retraction — raises anxiety, sometimes to the level of traumatic stress….

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Globalization: The Age of Psychological Neoteny

Neoteny refers to when a species’ traits that are typically associated with juvenile stages of development are carried into adulthood. A common example is the Mexican salamander, or axolotl. At full maturity, the axolotl continues to look like a tadpole, which supposedly is more adaptive to its e ……

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The Volcker Rule is Passed… and Wall Street Is Glad?

With great fanfare, President Obama personally unveiled the Volcker Rule this week. It’s not often that a President will take center stage for the passage of a departmental regulation but the Volcker Rule is a centerpiece to his Administration’s efforts at financial reform.
In the President’s own words, “The Volcker Rule will make it illegal for firms to use government-insured money to make speculative bets.” …

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Social Workers Must Educate Public About The Consumer Protection Board

Consumers finally caught a break this week when the Republican leadership in the Senate relented and permitted a vote on Richard Cordray’s nomination as the director of the newly created <a ……

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