Hundreds of Orgs Ask for Extension of Federal Program for Young Mothers

Written by John Kelly

Senate and House leadership received a letter today, signed by 750 organizations and local politicians, urging them to maintain a federal program meant to assist struggling young mothers and mothers-to-be.

The Home Visiting Coalition asked leaders in the letter to fund the ……

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Growing Number of Homeless Children is Shameful

A troubling new report released recently by the National Center on Family Homelessness at the American Institutes for Research documents the growing distress among the nation’s children.  More children are sliding further into poverty and experiencing homelessness.  Using data from the Department of Education and the Census Department—researchers led by Ellen Bassuk found that one in 30—or 2.5 million American children—were homeless at some point last year.  That represents an eight percent increase nationally from 2012.  They found child homelessness increased in 31 states and the District of Columbia and that the problem exists in every state, every city and every county in America.  We know that outcomes for children experiencing homelessness are disastrous.  We know that this growing problem does not get solved by the mothers of these children just doing the right thing. …

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Being Diagnosed With A Mental Illness Has Made Me A Better Person

Written by Susan Page
I grew up in a foster home for the first six years of my life in Oakland, California, where I witnessed abuse and neglect. At six years old, I was adopted. It was then that I learned that my birth mother gave me up because she was too sick to take care of me due to her struggles with bipolar disorder.
For years, I was warned about my increased susceptibility for developing bipolar disorder. But no one ever told me what it would feel like if I did or that I had a good probability of developing it even as I got older….

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Child Abuse Reporting System Gets Needed Funding in Los Angeles

A little over a year after the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office presented the Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection with an overview of the county’s underutilized $2 million child abuse cross-reporting system, the county’s Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday to release over $1.2 million dollars to support the use of that system. …

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How Children Carry the Weight of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and abuse is a world-wide epidemic that affects people in every community regardless of economic status, race, religion, nationality or educational background. It is a blight on society that results in serious physical, emotional and mental health problems with far-reaching consequences for all concerned.

The never-ending cycle of abuse is a threat to the health of every man, woman and child and should be considered a national health emergency. …

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Alliance Will Try to Be “In” Washington without Being “Of” Washington

Written By John Kelly

At 9:08 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Alliance for Children and Families CEO Susan Dreyfus told the 500-plus at her national conference that the Alliance push for federal child welfare finance reform wouldn’t be some inside job.

“We’re not doing it the old fashioned way, where we go inside the Beltway and think we’re gonna move it inside out,” Dreyfus said. “We’re moving it from the outside in.”…

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Ending the Cycle of “Who Cares?”

Written By Christy Irons,
I was watching a leadership video and the guy on the screen pointed and asked:
“What story do YOU want to tell?”
My immediate thought was: “Not mine.”
My story is boring: White girl, raised in upper-middle class neighborhood. My life got slightly more interesting when I turned 12. That was when my parents sat my sisters and me down to vote on whether or not to have foster kids or have foreign exchange students.
We voted for foster kids. Unanimously. I am really not even certain why they decided to be foster parents at all. I have never asked….

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Using Medicaid to Provide Children’s Mental Health Services

In the Fall of 2013, the McSilver Institute partnered with the Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy (CRISP) and Social Justice Solutions to co-sponsor a symposium in Washington, DC, on the impact of federal policies and programs on children’s mental health services.  This is Part 2 of a four-part series.  Click here to see Part 1! …

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Creating Better Futures for Our Children

One of my favorite Earth, Wind and Fire songs (and I have many) is Remember the Children.  For many elected officials, children are often forgotten because simply they do not vote or make campaign contributions.  Another problem is that it is nearly impossible to get resources to children without passing it through parents and other caretakers.  Obviously poor children have poor parents who are regarded largely as failures in life for not sufficiently capitalizing on the wealth of opportunities in our great nation.  So, should children just be left behind?  The late Marvin Gaye thought about this back in 1971 when he recorded Save the Children.  As poverty has once again taken center stage during the 50-year retrospective of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty, and as a consequence of escalating economic inequality, the plight of poor children has not been the focus of many policy discussions. …

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Mexican Drug Cartel Sell Organs From Kidnapped Children

By David H. Nguyen, Ph.D.

From the Huffington Post (1):
“Police in Mexico’s western state of Michoacan detained an alleged member of the Knights Templar cartel who is suspected of kidnapping children to harvest their organs, an official said Monday.”
“Manuel Plancarte Gaspar was part of the ……

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