Canada’s Fallen Soldier- A Remembrance

Yesterday a shooter opened fire in Ottawa, Canada, killing Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a soldier guarding the Ottawa War Memorial. Despite the efforts of a few local good Samaritans, Cpl. Cirillo died from his wounds, and left a city in a panicked lock-down. The suspect is thought to be a member of an extremist ……

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Returning To Work After Vacation

I had the good fortune to be on vacation for the previous three weeks. Originally my wife and I had planned a road trip from our home in Lindsay, Ontario Canada to Newfoundland on the extreme east coast of Canada.

However, with a strike at work that set me back approximately $2500.00 and a nagging shoulder issue my wife has had for a few years now, that plan was postponed. Instead, it was three weeks of staying put at home and doing some day trips; a 2.5 hour boat cruise in cottage country, some big city shopping, and relaxing at home in our backyard which we’ve put a lot of effort into making beautiful and a place to relax. …

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Canada’s First Responders’ Suicide Crisis

According to this article, 13 of Canada’s first responders have committed suicide in a span of about 10 weeks, i.e paramedics, firefighters, police officers, dispatchers and prison staff have ended their lives after working in challenging jobs that regularly required them to act in emergency situations that most individuals choose to avoid to maintain their own safety and wellbeing. Despite working in the best interest of others, these first responders did not receive the necessary support in their own times of crisis to save their lives; these tragedies demand changes be made towards preventing such occurrences….

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Deconstructing “the Good Old Days” in Canada

I often hear positive references to the “good old days” as individuals reflect on how much better things were in the past, and yet, as a visible minority female immigrant, I cannot help but consider how much worse my experience would have been in the “good old days” given the strides that have been made with anti-oppressive practice approaches.  …

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Admiration For The Long-Term Caregiver

One of the most valued and yet at the same time unappreciated jobs has to be the Caregivers in society. When someone in your own family has mental and/or physical health issues of a long-term nature, I can only imagine how stressful that conversation must be of whether or not it’s time to enlist ……

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Only The Beautiful Need Apply

Recently my wife and I had the opportunity to shop in a large retail store here in Canada; once owned by Canadians, but now in the hands of foreign ownership. It’s the kind of store where there are several floors of merchandise,  men’s and ladies wear to sporting goods and home furnishings.

Upon walking in the doors on the street level, we found ourselves having to travel through the department selling fragrances, perfumes, cologne and make-up. The aromatic assault was truly dizzying, as there were with no exaggeration, twenty-five counters of competing products, all of which were staffed by women.  In the aisles the customers traversed and there were a handful of women distributing sample products, and others were occupied applying makeup and fragrances to customers (showing how to best apply various products)….

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