Theatre to Discuss & Educate on Elder Abuse

I attended a play on Elder Abuse this past weekend titled: “Grandpa Is Not a Cash Cow & Grandma Won’t Take Any Bull” organized by Seniors Action Quebec. It was excellent! The cast, except for 3, were all seniors. Le Theatre La Belle Gang presented. The play was written by Francois Jobin and directed by Marie-Claude Henault.

Issues of financial, emotional, verbal abuse were addressed in vivid, humorous, and easily recognizable vignettes. Physical abuse and sexual abuse were not outwardly addressed, but these are a bit harder to portray within a play….

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Applying ACEs to Juvenile Justice

The high rate of abused and neglected children within the juvenile justice system was one of the themes percolating throughout a three-day conference on childhood trauma last week in San Francisco.

“The relationship between childhood trauma and juvenile justice involvement is pretty startling,” said Karleen Jakowski, supervisor of adolescent behavioral services at a non-profit health clinic in Yolo County. Jakowski was one of five juvenile justice panelists at the conference calling for improvement in the treatment of traumatized youth. …

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Social Work as a Profession has Value

I came across a discussion on LinkedIn in a social work group titled: The Failure of Social Work. Maybe it is only me, but I take issue with the title of the post. Why is social work itself a failure? As a profession it does not have the same ‘value’ as other professions in society, but it is a needed profession. Who do people turn to when they have questions or need help with or for a family member, friend, client, patient or themselves? Usually a social worker….

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Deconstructing “the Good Old Days” in Canada

I often hear positive references to the “good old days” as individuals reflect on how much better things were in the past, and yet, as a visible minority female immigrant, I cannot help but consider how much worse my experience would have been in the “good old days” given the strides that have been made with anti-oppressive practice approaches.  …

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Hazards of the Job

Recently I’d been thinking a lot about how this work uplifts me. On Twitter I had some wonderful conversations with youth advocates in the special ed and autism community about the public misperception that the populations we work with are depressing. “I could never do the work you do” is often coded language for “I could never work with those people.” It’s offensive, especially considering the fact that what’s dispiriting and draining about this work has virtually nothing to do with the people we serve.

You know what does get me down? On one level it’s the larger institutional, economic, and social structures that present significant challenges to our young people. If I dwell on them too much, it makes me lose my sense of humor. Some days I wake up wanting to punch somebody. I wish I could say that my advocacy springs from a generous Dalai Lama-esque capacity to love all my fellow human beings, but I’m not there yet. The truth is, my sense of purpose and outrage is very personally rooted. I’ll say this much: many of the stories I hear about children in foster care resonate with me. …

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Social Justice Calendar

I have drawn the 62 entries in this draft social justice calendar from several sources over the course of 2013. The entries are mostly recognized internationally, but some are specific to Australia. The calendar will need fine-tuning over 2014 as there may, for example, be some entries for which the date varies from year to year. There may also be entries that need to be added, deleted, or modified. Contributions and suggested changes are most welcome and can be made at the end of the post. …

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NASW-NYS Interview with Celisia Street and Ray Cardona

In March of 2013, SJS wrote a piece on the topic of social workers dissatisfaction with NASW.  In an effort to hear the NASW’s perspective, I contacted the NASW-NYS Chapter and requested an interview. I chose NASW-NY, as SJS is based in Long Island New ork. I conducted a phone interview with Executive Director, Ray Cardona, LCSW and Communications & Professional Development Associate, Celisia Street, LMSW  which proved informative and will hopefully ease the minds of New York Social Workers.

I learned that NASW-NYS is engaging in many levels of legislative advocacy to extend and expand the state’s Social Work Loan Forgiveness Program, push for full implementation of the social work licensure law in exempt state agencies, required continuing education (which was passed and signed into law this year) and an array of legislative advocacy efforts to expand the settings in which social workers may practice….

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NASW-NYS Leads The Way For Social Work Advocacy

Social workers can be hard on the NASW, they are they obvious target for complaints about the health of the profession. In many ways working for the NASW can be thankless, our advocates are so busy fighting for us that they have little time to fight for themselves by promoting what they are accomplishing.

NASW-NYS is one such chapter and they are doing amazing work. Recently they released their 2013 Legislative Action Report and we thought it prudent to give a glimpse into what NASW-NYS is up to so that social workers can begin to recognize those who are fighting the good fight for them every single day.

From NASW-NYS’ director of Policy Karin (Moran) Carreau, MSW…

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Dolphin Aid and Atara

One of the many things I like about being a staff writer at SJS, is the interviews I have conducted over the past seven months that focus on the professional journey of fellow social workers, advocacy, raising awareness of issues and sharing projects with our readership. Here is another that certainly opened my eyes to a therapy I did not know existed.

When Erika Tencer approached me; without hesitation I offered an interview for her to share the story, life experience and journey of her daughter, Atara, a 17-year-old girl who she describes as generally warm, giving, task oriented and helpful. Atara also has Down syndrome….

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