Theatre to Discuss & Educate on Elder Abuse

I attended a play on Elder Abuse this past weekend titled: “Grandpa Is Not a Cash Cow & Grandma Won’t Take Any Bull” organized by Seniors Action Quebec. It was excellent! The cast, except for 3, were all seniors. Le Theatre La Belle Gang presented. The play was written by Francois Jobin and directed by Marie-Claude Henault.

Issues of financial, emotional, verbal abuse were addressed in vivid, humorous, and easily recognizable vignettes. Physical abuse and sexual abuse were not outwardly addressed, but these are a bit harder to portray within a play….

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‘Generosity is penicillin to our culture of entitlement’: Cardinal Dolan on ethics, social justice and issues facing millennials

Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York (center) with Michael Menconi FCRH ’15 (left) and Ken Ochs FCRH ’15 (right)
On Thursday, June 5, 2014, Fordham University’s Center for Ethics Education Ethics and Society blog student editors Michael Menconi FCRH ’15 and Ken Ochs FCRH & ……

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You’re Being Prejudice: And Other Familiar Tales

It started benignly enough, a passing comment about an email that my mother received from a far-away cousin. And then instantly it changed. You see, that far-away cousin forwarded a ‘news’ story portraying a subversive take over within American culture. His warning was that there is an incoming storm wai ……

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Borderland’s Children: Vulnerabilities of Immigrant Children (Part 2)

By Sharon E. Chin

The issue of unaccompanied immigrant children has a more sinister underbelly. On the surface, the practical concern of where children will be placed is glaringly important. As discussed in Part 1, there are public health risks caused by so many undocumented – and possibly sick – children being housed in small quarters. Aside from the physical presentation of the undocumented children, there are concerns for their mental and emotional health.

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Casey’s Story in The Marin Independent Journal Sunday Spotlight

Many thanks to the Marin Independent Journal and their reporter Mark Prado for featuring Casey’s story in their Sunday Spotlight profile. The IJ has been way out ahead of other Bay Area news outlets in their coverage of the Golden Gate Bridge suicide barrier and the plight of the families who’ve lost loved ones to the bridge….

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Clean Slate Clinic July 12, 2014

Clean Slate Clinic July 12, 2014
Do you have a criminal record?  Has your criminal record held you back from getting a job?  There will be a Clean Slate Clinic on Saturday, July 12 – stop by to see if you are eligible to clean up your record.  Attorneys will be on hand to speak with you directly. This event is FREE and open to the public….

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Managing Competing Social Work Demands

In today’s context of cutbacks, outsourcing, and limited government funding for programs and services for the public, frontline social workers along with other helping professionals are expected to do much more with much less than before. In managing competing work demands including direct client care, documentation, liaison with collaborating agencies, staff team-building, public outreach, community development, research, training, etc, while maintaining quality of care as well as self-care, are frontline social workers able to not “procrastinate” with certain tasks as others are prioritized? Through my work experience, it is impossible to effectively manage all of these competing demands at all times, which prompts us to make tough decisions about what priorities take precedence.

Attempting to choose among competing work demands on a daily basis, amid news of ever decreasing resources, does not bode well for stress levels of frontline social workers. Especially given the nature of work with its ever-present risks to clients should these decisions result in adverse outcomes, which is why prevalence of burnout is astronomical. …

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Durham Police Problems Persist

Op-Ed shines light on continuing Durham Police issues
Today the Durham News ran an Op-Ed entitled, “Commentary: Time to fix Durham’s police problem,” urging City Council not to delay action on racial profiling reforms, but instead to take decisive action at their Monday, June 16 City Council meeting….

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