Iran Sends Warships to US Maritime Border

Some days it is easy to forget that we live in an unstable world always on the brink of World War III, especially in America where war is always a half a world away for  non-military citizens. In an effort project an image of power Iran has decided to send a group of Warships to the US Maritime ……

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Navigating The Syrian Crisis

Despite the warning signs for over a year, many feel surprised to learn we are now looking at another tense situation within the Middle East. The escalation of the Syrian crisis came to a tipping point with the alleged use of chemical warfare. Now, the U.N. and the citizens of many world countries wait to hear what will be next. The situation is not as straightforward as it sounds. Regardless of new bulletins, many of the reports coming in are still unconfirmed.  

Let’s look at some of the facts that we know:…

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Chemical Weapons In Syria (Video)

Since the onset of extreme violence in Syria, back in March 2011, America has been engaged in a fierce debate on whether or not the United States should put “Boots” (military force) on the ground. The debate has certainly heated up in last twenty four hours as we learn that the Assad regime ……Full Story @

War Enters the Social Media Age

One need only to read any newspaper or news website to find that Israel and Gaza are at the brink of war after an air strike against Hamas leaders that killed one of the main leaders. Adding to the war in Syria this is not a pretty picture for the Middle East, or the world for that matter. But,…
War Enters the Social Media Age