Israel Threatens To Widen Offensive Into Syria

Violence on the Israeli-Syrian border is escalating. Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel; Israel is bombing Hamas. I could have written that 5,10,15,or 20 years ago it would hold true in some way or another. War always makes me sad. It is the most unreasonable of human responses to…
Israel Threatens To Widen Offensive Into Syria


War Enters the Social Media Age

One need only to read any newspaper or news website to find that Israel and Gaza are at the brink of war after an air strike against Hamas leaders that killed one of the main leaders. Adding to the war in Syria this is not a pretty picture for the Middle East, or the world for that matter. But,…
War Enters the Social Media Age

Prime Minister Will Not Allow Anyone To Fire on Israeli Citizens

It’s a story as old as The Bible. Tensions are mounting again in the Middle East. Syrian violence is spilling into the Syrian-Israeli border. The Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a clear statement on the new border aggression. “Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin…
Prime Minister Will Not Allow Anyone To Fire on Israeli Citizens