Resume on Red Paper?

Remember high school? Go on, think back…for some of you, way back! Did you ever open your locker and find an envelope in it that smelled of perfume? I did. Back then I thought it was groovy, and it got my interest focused pretty quickly in wanting to open it up because I was sure the reading would be good. And back then, I was right.

Back before we had started dating, I recall my wife sending me an envelope with a hand-drawn picture of lips on the back with the words, “Sealed with a kiss” written on it too. It was not only groovy, it was totally out of sight, and I was hip to the trip….

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Dear FOX Executives – “Red Band Society?” What the Hell?

Dear FOX Executives,

My social media news feed now blows up on Wednesday nights, and you’re to blame. That’s when you air “Red Band Society,” your drama about teens with life threatening diseases living in a children’s hospital.  You see, most of my friends on social media are adults who, like me, are survivors of some pretty horrendous diseases we had as teenagers.  Our youths revolved around hospitals and illnesses and the constant threat of death.  Honestly, the entire experience for me was so traumatizing that I can only recall bits and pieces of an entire decade of my life.  (Shameless plug – what I could recall, I wrote about in The Spider and the Wasp).

But if there’s one thing we all learned from being sick teens, it’s not to judge when you’re so imperfect yourself. We just have some issues with the way you present life as a sick teenager.  As the self-appointed representative of the group, what we want to do is offer some constructive criticisms that can help turn your show from being less “Hospital 90210” and more “Mad Men,” if you catch our drift….

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Are Child Protection Quotas Endangering Minnesota Children?

Written By Daniel Heimpel

In 2000, Minnesota launched a pilot for its now statewide differential response (DR) program. DR is a popular child protection strategy with mixed results, in which help is offered to abusive or neglectful parents, but rarely forced upon them.

More than seven of every ten “screened-in” cases of abuse and neglect in Minnesota were placed on the “family assessment” track, according to the Department of Human Services’ (DHS) website.

But the state’s 71 percent diversion to DR appears to reflect the desire of DHS administrators more than it does the decisions and policies of local child welfare leaders. The Chronicle of Social Change has learned that DHS expected each of Minnesota’s 87 counties to place 70 percent of screened-in cases on the DR track….

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Dr. Celia B. Fisher & Co-PI awarded $1.9 million grant to examine the ethics in HIV prevention research involving LGBT youth


Fordham University Center for Ethics Education Director Dr. Celia B. Fisher and her co-PI Dr. Brian Mustanski (Northwestern University) have received a 4-year grant for $1,918,206.00 from the National Institute on Minority Health Disparities (NIMHD) on Ethics in HIV Prevention Research ……

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How the NFL can stop abuse AND keep its players on the field

Many people are happy that the Vikings kicked Adrian Peterson off the team and that Ray Rice can no longer play for the Ravens. Their off-field violence has cascaded into harm and loss for everyone involved – spouses, children, team, league and fans — all because of the consequences of their childhood trauma. And the only way the NFL can stop further abuse, harm and loss is…well…to deal with its players’ childhood trauma….

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Reducing Health Disparities and Enhancing the Responsible Conduct of Research Involving LGBT Youth

There has been a recent increase in public attention to health disparities in the incidence and treatment of suicide, substance abuse and sexual health risks among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth (LGBTY). Although there is clearly a need for prevention and treatment programs for LGBTY ……

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