Is the NFL Domestic Violence Policy Enough?

Yesterday Rodger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, sent out an official policy to all front offices related to NFL players and personnel and domestic violence.
An excerpt from Goodell’s memo to NFL management stated…

Effective immediately, violations of the Personal Conduct Policy regarding a ……

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On the anniversary of the 24th Amendment, a look at NC’s modern-day poll taxes

Yesterday in 1964, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the 24th Amendment, which prohibited the government from issuing taxes on voting participation in federal elections. Ratified in January, 1964, the Amendment laid the foundation for expanded voter protection from poll taxes at all levels of government. The poll tax had long-been a principal impediment to African American participation in elections and thus was instrumental to perpetuating American Apartheid since Reconstruction. The Amendment radically changed the nation’s voting landscape by making it possible for citizens of color to enjoy the same privileges of full citizenship as their white neighbors. …

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Returning To Work After Vacation

I had the good fortune to be on vacation for the previous three weeks. Originally my wife and I had planned a road trip from our home in Lindsay, Ontario Canada to Newfoundland on the extreme east coast of Canada.

However, with a strike at work that set me back approximately $2500.00 and a nagging shoulder issue my wife has had for a few years now, that plan was postponed. Instead, it was three weeks of staying put at home and doing some day trips; a 2.5 hour boat cruise in cottage country, some big city shopping, and relaxing at home in our backyard which we’ve put a lot of effort into making beautiful and a place to relax. …

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CA Senate unanimously approves ACEs reduction resolution

On August 18, the California Senate unanimously approved Concurrent Resolution (ACR) No. 155 to encourage statewide policies to reduce children’s exposure to adverse childhood experiences. As reported on ACEs Too High, the resolution is modeled after a Wisconsin resolution that encourages state policy decision-making to consider the impact of early childhood adversity on the long-term health and well being of its citizens….

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Dr. Phil Doesn’t Get it

Normally I don’t watch The Dr. Phil Show during the day, but Erika taped an episode yesterday that was a “must view.” Titled “Parents Divided Over Disowning Their Son,” the show featured two adoptive parents and their 24-year-old adopted son, Adam. The father in particular was ready to disown and sever his relationship with his only child….

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Written consent as a tool of racial equity

This piece first appeared on The Durham News website on August 22, 2014. It has been modified to include a video mentioned in the text of the article.
City Manager Tom Bonfield’s report to the City Council this week, in which he announced his plans regarding the embattled Durham Police Department, may lead to a department that is more accountable to the public. However, left unchanged, it is unlikely to make significant progress in reducing the large racial disparities evident in a decade’s worth of data on Durham policing. …

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