Immigration influx leads to federal and local policy changes

Sparked by a surge in Central American migrants fleeing their homes due to poverty and violence, protests near San Diego calling to deport immigrants reignited the debate surrounding immigration policy. In one example, 100 protesters sought to turn back buses of immigrants heading to a Border Patrol ……

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Deconstructing “the Good Old Days” in Canada

I often hear positive references to the “good old days” as individuals reflect on how much better things were in the past, and yet, as a visible minority female immigrant, I cannot help but consider how much worse my experience would have been in the “good old days” given the strides that have been made with anti-oppressive practice approaches.  …

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Step 1 In Landing That Job: Take Inventory

Whether it’s looking for a job because you are out of work, or looking for a promotion, I don’t think you can get better initial advice than to take an inventory and KNOW yourself.

In any interview process where a job is up for competition the overall point of an interview is the employer, (as represented by their interviewer), is getting to know you better so they can ultimately decide if what you have to offer will fulfill their current and/or future needs.

So what is ‘knowing yourself’ all about?…

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When School’s Out, Hungry Kids Miss their Meals

For many American children, summer is about barbecues, corn on the cob, watermelon, and drippy ice cream cones. For others, it’s about hunger.

During the school year, children from low-income families qualify for federally-funded National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and sometimes the School Breakfast Program through their public schools. Under these programs, a family of four earning less than $31,005 can receive free meals and those earning under $44,123 receive reduced price meals. These programs feed twenty-one million children at school and give their families’ budgets a break. During the summer, children living in areas where the majority of school children qualify for school lunches are eligible to receive meals through NSLP as well as the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). Why then did only one in seven eligible children receive meals through these programs last summer and what toll is food insecurity taking on their well-being? …

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Daryl Atkinson Receives White House Champion of Change Award

White House Honors Champion of Change Daryl Atkinson
On Monday, June 30, 2014 the White House honored local “Champions of Change” who are doing extraordinary work to facilitate employment opportunities for individuals formerly involved in the justice system.  Daryl V. Atkinson, an attorney with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, was the only North Carolina-based recipient. …

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