Paul Ryan’s plan to address poverty

Congressman Paul Ryan, the Chairman of the House Committee on the Budget, released last week his anti-poverty discussion draft on July 24, “Expanding Opportunity in America,” proposing reforms concerning the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), education, and criminal justice. …

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What Role Can Healthcare Play in Anti-Trafficking Efforts?

By: Sharon E. Chin

This past week, JAMA Pediatrics released two articles discussing the role of healthcare providers and education within anti-trafficking efforts in the United States. The issue of human trafficking occurring in America is still a novelty to many American citizens….

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Overview: The work of SCSJ

Clean Slate

Racial Profiling

Disenfranchised by Voter ID in NC

People Change

Voting Rights and Section 5

Champions of Change

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Written By Southern Coalition for Social ……

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Introduction to Online MSW Programs: Standards, Ethical Issues and Educational Limitations

                                INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE MSW PROGRAMS
                           Standards, Ethical Issues and Educational Limitations
                                             F. Douglas Stephenson, LCSW, BCD
Former President, The Florida Society for Clinical Social Work

There are over 20 MSW online programs offering CSWE approved degrees which require minimal face-to-face, in-person interaction. Some of these programs serve only a few dozen students in a small geographical area; others, like The University of Southern California (USC) has over 1500 online students nationwide plus international students. The number of such programs is growing annually and now, Walden University, a for-profit online corporation is offering a MSW degree and  seeks full CSWE accreditation.

Alarmingly, CSWE does not currently review the content and procedures of the online MSW programs.  …

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Canada’s First Responders’ Suicide Crisis

According to this article, 13 of Canada’s first responders have committed suicide in a span of about 10 weeks, i.e paramedics, firefighters, police officers, dispatchers and prison staff have ended their lives after working in challenging jobs that regularly required them to act in emergency situations that most individuals choose to avoid to maintain their own safety and wellbeing. Despite working in the best interest of others, these first responders did not receive the necessary support in their own times of crisis to save their lives; these tragedies demand changes be made towards preventing such occurrences….

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The Many Jobs You Rely On Daily

There are a great number of people whose work goes largely unrecognized by us, and yet each of us relies on those people to do their jobs so our own lives are vastly improved. Their handiwork is in our homes, our workplaces, and in between as we commute back and forth. Ever stopped to wonder and appreciate who these people are and what it is they do? …

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People Change: Why Clean Slate Matters

America has 5% of the world’s total population by 25% of the world’s prisoners. 65 million people have a criminal record in the United States. Having a criminal conviction can trigger over 900 civil barriers including barriers to employment, housing and education.
At our July 12th Clean Slate Clinic we set up a camera and asked formerly incarcerated people to share their stories. This is what they told us. …

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Immigration influx leads to federal and local policy changes

Sparked by a surge in Central American migrants fleeing their homes due to poverty and violence, protests near San Diego calling to deport immigrants reignited the debate surrounding immigration policy. In one example, 100 protesters sought to turn back buses of immigrants heading to a Border Patrol ……

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Deconstructing “the Good Old Days” in Canada

I often hear positive references to the “good old days” as individuals reflect on how much better things were in the past, and yet, as a visible minority female immigrant, I cannot help but consider how much worse my experience would have been in the “good old days” given the strides that have been made with anti-oppressive practice approaches.  …

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