Do You Live With A Chronic Disease? Or Does The Disease Live For You?

A mentor of mine told me after my recent reflection about illness that “our personal disabilities will have greater impacts on our lives at different times.” It has been something that has struck a chord with me as I reflect on the past few years. Living with chronic disease(s) can be a daily struggle. At times, it lays dormant, hiding only on the periphery of your day, while other times has it center stage. When that happens, everything in our life revolves around our illness, and not around our life. It’s the same idea of “To a worm in horseradish, the whole world is horseradish.” It can become so easy to get sucked into this hole of chronic illness where everything is swallowed by the symptoms. Even fun activities become a chore, always wondering if the illness will strike at an inopportune moment. …

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