At Reedley (CA) High School, Suspensions Drop 40%, Expulsions 80% In Two Years

In 2009, when the Kings Canyon Unified School District in California’s rural Central Valley offered its 19 schools the opportunity to adopt a system that would reduce school suspensions and expulsions, Reedley High School jumped at the chance.

Today, Reedley is in its fourth year of changing a zero-tolerance policy that has failed this school and community miserably, just as every zero-tolerance policy across the country has. The school, which has 1,900 students, is feeling its way out of those draconian days by integrating PBIS — Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support — and entering into a unique partnership with the West Coast Mennonite Central Committee and the local police department to implement a successful restorative justice program….

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We’re All Libertarians

I was looking at internet videos the other day when I came across one of a well-known political pundit talking about libertarians.  His first words described libertarians as a faction of the Republican Party.

And he couldn’t be more wrong.  I’d venture to guess that most every American in their heart is a libertarian, whether you identify with the Democrats, the Republicans, the Tea Party, or the Socialists.  We’re just libertarians in different ways, as we see fit to be….

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The Invisible Monster: Heroin Invades Our Community

Here is a link to a story I wrote about Heroin invading Fargo, ND area and efforts being made on a legislative level to effect social change. The story features two local social workers and lobbyists who lost their son and brother to a heroin overdose and are lobbying for Good Samaritan laws in MN…

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Schools Should Teach Social Justice Says Teacher’s Union Boss

Education has been under the microscope lately because of a debate surrounding the common core curriculum movement . As many teachers and parents rail against increased standardized testing and inflexible curriculum requirements, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union, Karen Lewis,  is taking this ……

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Got Problems? You’re Normal

Whether you found this blog on your own, or someone happened to send you the link with the suggestion you read it and benefit from it, I’m glad you and it came together and thanks for that. So you’ve got some problems in all likelihood. Some of those problems are small, some big, and maybe you have ones held deep inside like a secret you keep hoping no one will ever expose. …

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Solutions To The Heroin & Opiate Epidemic

Why is medication management for the treatment of heroin/opiate addiction scorned by so many? According to a recent Boston Globe article, “Heroin Epidemic Exposes Deficiencies In Care System” (, Ms. Jacobs, Director of Substance Abuse Services for the Commonwealth of ……

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