Is Full Employment a Pipe Dream?

Congresswoman Barbara Lee, chair of the Congressional Social Work Caucus joined several of her colleagues in forming the Full Employment Caucus last week. Led by the venerable Congressman John Conyers from Detroit, the Full Employment Caucus will focus its attention on developing ideas that will lead to accelerating employment opportunities for millions of Americans seeking work. “One of the primary vehicles and pathways out of poverty is a job,” said Rep. Barbara Lee. “That’s what people want. People don’t want to have to rely on food stamps, Section 8 or Medicaid. People want a job.” Others in the Full Employment Caucus are: Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18), Mike Quiqley (IL-5), Maxine Waters (CA-35), Charles Rangel (NY-13), Frederica Wilson (FL-24), and José Serrano (NY-15)….

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