Don’t Blame the Corporations, Blame the Politicians

You’ve seen the scene play out in countless movies.  Two powerful men on the verge of argument rush into the closest men’s room for the privacy needed to yell at each other their justifications for their darkest actions.  Disturbing truths are thrown about where no one but them can hear.  Well, no one but them and the guy sitting in the stall.  Because the men forgot to check under the closed stall doors for feet, now a third person knows their dark truth.  This third man stares at the camera as he stays as still as he can, aware that what he’s hearing could be very bad for him.  But that’s all fiction, right?

Well, sometimes.  That very thing actually happened to me 20 years ago.  I was the young man stuck in the stall in the senate office building, blissfully doing as God intended when a powerful state senator and a corporate donor suddenly burst into the bathroom in a very heated argument.  You see, apparently the corporate guy gave the state senator a lot of money to vote a certain way on a bill, and the state senator took the money and promptly voted the other way.  The senator justified what he did by yelling at the donor, “Look, Bill, sometimes I got my own neck to look out for!”…

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