What’s The Most Important Thing In YOUR Life?

I’ve already got a second question for you, and this is only the opening line of the blog today; did you immediately start reading or did you stop and answer the question in the title of the blog itself? So what is the most important thing in YOUR life? Right here, right now.

You’ll note I hope that I asked about a thing, not a person. So if you answered, “My kids”, “My spouse” etc. give it another moment of thought. While people are very important, put them aside for the purpose of this exercise. And here’s why by the way; when we say that a person or a group of people are THE most important things in our lives, we may say that because to even think of anything else would seem wrong or inappropriate – selfish even. If you insist on putting people first however, then I’ll ask you this to make it easier and get you to think: “What is the most important thing in your life after you’ve listed all the people you care about….

Full Story @ http://sjs.li/1kiD8aF
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