Chronicling an MSW Internship: Using Supervision

My role at my agency is effectively case management. I ensure that our youth clients are compliant with the required immunizations, physicals, dental and eye appointments set forth by the public school system. I research information on programs for those graduating with intellectual disabilities. I help young adults create resumes and find after-school jobs. I coordinate a lot of back-end work for other agency employees. Yesterday, it was clear that it was past time to file a myriad of papers and documents in the Youth Program. The catch-all space was overflowing, and I was tasked with alphabetizing intake forms and filing other assorted documents away in individual client folders. I set my Spotify account and got to work, hitting a nice rhythm. Suddenly, one of my more complex clients came into the office. I knew she had been there that day using our computers to job search, but I was not expecting to meet with her. She sat down quietly, and I chatted with her as I continued to file. Her one word answers and unusual affect quickly hit me. I needed to stop filing….

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