Obamacare Is Here to Stay… Kinda Sorta

Something that made a small headline the other day is when several Republican governors conceded that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is here to stay.  The purpose of the headline, of course, was to try to suppress some of the debate against the law by suggesting that a prominent source of the debate is ……

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The shame of incarceration: new evidence on sexual victimization

The power of data to combat denial and distortion is dramatically illustrated in “The Shame of Our Prisons:  New Evidence,” a review of studies carried in the October 24 issue of the New York Review of Books by David Kaiser, chair of the board of Just Detention International (JDI) and Lovisa Stannow, JDI’s executive director. Kaiser and Stannow say that the uniform denial of the widespread problem of prison rape has changed now that good data is available. The carefully conducted surveys by the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reviewed by Kaiser and Stannow have found consistent findings: “The same factors that put inmates at risk of sexual abuse show up again and again, as do the same patterns of abuse involving race and gender, inmates and guards.” The data discredits the assertion by prison officials in recent years that inmates fabricate claims of sexual victimization in order to cause trouble. …

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Why A Perfect Job Becomes Stale (And It’s A Good Thing)

A phenomenon that happens often to many people I know may also have happened to you personally. This is when a job you once thought was the perfect job and you were thrilled to have it becomes less appealing, less rewarding and sometimes downright boring. What went wrong?

In short the answer is nothing. In fact if anything, this can be wonderful news if you look at it from a different perspective, and I want to illustrate the positive side for those of you who might be feeling negative. You see what really has happened in the vast majority of instances is that the job itself hasn’t changed at all. However, with the passing of time from that first day you accepted this job as new, you have grown yourself. What was once new and challenging has become easy to do and the challenge has largely disappeared. And the challenge was your motivation. …

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The Health Problems That Face Sex Trafficking Victims and Survivors

By David H. Nguyen, Ph.D.

This blog post contains excerpts from an article entitled “Survivors offer insight to federal anti-trafficking efforts,” which was written by Holly Smith for Communities Digital News (1).

Holly Smith, a survivor of human trafficking, quotes other trafficking survivors ……

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Governors Agree Affordable Care Act is Here to Stay

The nation’s governors gathered in Washington, DC over the weekend to share ideas about how best to address some of the nation’s most vexing problems. States are often thought of as policy laboratories wherein each state implements varying policies to determine their efficacy. Obviously policy dif ……

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The Herion Epidemic & Nimby – Boston Globe Op-ed

I felt proud to be a Massachusetts resident as I listened to Governor Patrick’s state of the state address a couple of weeks ago. However, unlike the Governors of Vermont and Maine in their state addresses, Governor Patrick never mentioned the words “drug epidemic”; “addiction”; “heroin” or “prescription ……

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AdoptMent works on goal-setting

In this same workshop we also revisited the topic of brain development. We reviewed the difference between the prefrontal cortex or “White House of the brain,” which has the ability to plan for the future, and the amygdala or “reptile brain” that reacts instinctively in fight/flight/freeze fashion.

This helped to introduce the concept of time perspective. Using part of the framework developed by Stanford professors Zimbardo and Boyd, we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of being either a “present hedonist” or a future-oriented individual. Everyone agreed that it was best to live a balanced life….

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Playing with words to play with lives

Words come with baggage; some more than others; “sinful” more than most; and “illegal” is fast catching up, at least in its application to asylum seekers in Australia.

This, anyway, is where my thoughts wandered as I watched “Philomena” at the cinema recently.

There’s a scene near the end of the movie in which the venomous shipwreck of a nun, Sister Hildegarde, tells Philomena (Judi Dench) that she deserved everything she got – her son sold for adoption, years of servitude in a Magdalene laundry, fruitless search over decades, and being kept in ignorance of his death and burial in the convent grounds….

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Miscommunication And You

You could be in trouble; big time. And it gets worse. You may or may not be able to salvage your reputation and the relationships you’re so desperately trying to forge! How could this possibly have happened?

Unfortunately I see and hear this happening all too often. What am I even talking about? I’m talking about times when people open their mouth and say something with little real thought, and their words reveal their true nature. They may at the time feel they are speaking with someone who entirely agrees with their own point of view, but in reality, their viewpoint isn’t shared. If that view is so different that it crosses a line and becomes an offensive remark  so far removed from the second person’s value system, a wedge appears in the relationship than may never be repaired. …

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