Interview with CRISP President, Charles E. Lewis, Jr., PhD

Social Work is a profession that is multifaceted and involved in all segments of society. SJS interviews social workers as a way to promote the profession and to share all that one can do with their degree. The interview below with Charles E. Lewis, Jr. depicts how diverse a social work career can be and the types of positions one can hold. Much is gained when a social worker shares their story of why they chose the profession and along with their career journey. The story and life experiences of another can assist current and upcoming social workers, along with those that are curious as to what the profession is all about, in choosing a direction whether micro practice or macro practice or perhaps a combination of the two.

Mr. Lewis’s interview is inspiring for a few different reasons. He entered the profession a bit later in his career and he has been involved in direct practice, teaching, macro level work and politics. …

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