Interview with CRISP President, Charles E. Lewis, Jr., PhD

Social Work is a profession that is multifaceted and involved in all segments of society. SJS interviews social workers as a way to promote the profession and to share all that one can do with their degree. The interview below with Charles E. Lewis, Jr. depicts how diverse a social work career can be and the types of positions one can hold. Much is gained when a social worker shares their story of why they chose the profession and along with their career journey. The story and life experiences of another can assist current and upcoming social workers, along with those that are curious as to what the profession is all about, in choosing a direction whether micro practice or macro practice or perhaps a combination of the two.

Mr. Lewis’s interview is inspiring for a few different reasons. He entered the profession a bit later in his career and he has been involved in direct practice, teaching, macro level work and politics. …

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Mindful Ignorance: What is Psychotherapy?

Mindful Ignorance: I, Thou and Empathy
… in terms of technique: He should simply listen, and not bother about whether he is keeping anything in mind.
Anyone who hopes to learn the noble game of chess from books will soon discover that only the openings and end-games admit of an exhaustive systematic presentation and that the infinite variety of moves which develop after the opening defy any such description.…The rules which can be laid down for the practice of psycho-analytic treatment are subject to similar limitations. Sigmund Freud
The thing I am trying to say is that for the cook the two experiences are different: the slavish one who complies gets nothing from the experience except an increase in the feeling of dependence on authority, while the original one feels more real, and surprises herself (or himself) by what turns up in the mind in the course of the act of cooking. When we are surprised at ourselves, we are being creative, and we find we can trust our own unexpected originality. We shall not mind if those who consume the sausages fail to notice the surprising thing that was in the cooking of them, or if they do not show gustatory appreciation.
D.W. Winnicott…

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We Shall Overcome: A Farewell to Pete Seeger

A great American passed away the other day. Ordinarily, I never indulge in such chauvinism, but how else can you describe Pete Seeger? Who else has contributed as much to the country’s emotional and spiritual well-being?

I haven’t posted to this site for more than two months, devoting much of my time and energy to some serious health issues; but I felt compelled to put down a few words about Pete. If you’d like to read a comprehensive summary of his life, take a look at Jon Pareles’s obituary in the January 28 New York Times, “Pete Seeger, Songwriter and Champion of Folk Music, Dies at 94” .  I’m just going to describe what it meant for me – and probably for many others – to be inspired by him and the songs he wrote and sang. …

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House Social Workers Split on Farm Bill

With a vote of 251-166, the U. S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 2642—the Agricultural Act of 2014, ending a two-year stalemate on funding for the nation’s food supply industry. The final version of the $956 billion legislation—crafted by a bicameral committee of House and Senate agriculture leadership—cuts $8 billion over the next decade from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which provides food stamps to more than 47 million Americans in 23 million households. The House version of the farm bill would have cut SNAP by $39 billion over 10 years while the Senate version would have reduced SNAP by $4.1 billion over the same period. The average monthly SNAP benefit in 2013 was $133.07 for individuals and $234.98 per household. The legislation which President Barack Obama has said he would sign once it reaches his desk will end the 18-year-old direct subsidy to farmers that will be replaced by two options for crop insurance….

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San Francisco’s El Dorado Elementary uses trauma-informed & restorative practices; suspensions drop 89%

El Dorado Elementary School Principal Silvia Cordero announces one of the winners of the weekly student-of-the-week award.

For one young student – let’s call him Martin — the 2012-2013 school year at El Dorado Elementary in the Visitacion Valley neighborhood of San Fra ……

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Women Are More Likely To Live In Poverty Than Men

In The Spotlight
While women have made a number of advances in gaining equal rights, poverty continues to be a prevalent issue facing large numbers of women. Even though women continue to make strides towards securing equal pay, advancing in their careers, and family lives, they are still stifled by major setbacks related to poverty. Women are more likely the be impoverished than men and more likely to face  hardships related to finances and job security….

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Georgia juvenile court judge galvanizes statewide child trauma initiatives

Douglas County (GA) Juvenile Court Judge Peggy Walker and “Dalton”

Douglas County Juvenile Court Judge Peggy Walker is an activist judge for the children of Georgia – the children she loves who do not get what they need for healthy, successful lives. She’s seen how the ……

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