Everyone’s A Little Bit Wrong, Except Me

I like to “joke” that I’m always right. It usually gets some appreciative laughs and eye rolls, and I do it to make a point. It’s a point about how ridiculous it really is that I say there’s no alternative except mine. When you say it in that way, everyone tends to agree; we can’t be right all the time. What most people really dislike is when you pose something that is out of the structure that they have arranged in their mind. Fortunately for us, as part of our nature we tend to group and normalize ideas in a given setting;  it creates comfort to be part of the group. It is the reason why society, communities, and cultures have their own underlying belief systems and why certain regions generally adhere to a certain religion or political affiliation. It’s a technique that works well because it creates societal stability but it also creates difficulty for those who would go against the grain….

Full Story @ http://read.socialjusticesolutions.org/em
#Philosophy, #SocialWork, #SubjectiveMorality


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