Dear Mr. Walsh: A Social Worker’s Response to the Duck Dynasty Anti-Gay Rhetoric

Much Internet raving has been done over the past 48 hours in regards to comments made by reality show star, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. The comments were, at worst, homophobic and racist; at best, a perfect example of what the privileged don’t get about being privileged. As a social worker and advocate who tries to practice in an anti-racist, anti-oppressive way, I was of course bothered by yet another example of hateful rhetoric in the media. But should activists and social workers really be giving time to reality television stars? Does engagement in this realm cheapen our work? I decided to hang back.
But then this morning I came across this piece on “The Matt Walsh Blog,” and that familiar feeling came over me: that fire, that shattered feeling that led me to social work and advocacy. And I realized that while engaging the comments of a reality television star may seem like a waste of energy, the conversation is happening, and I’m not allowing misinformation to reign….

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