What Is The Purpose Of Work Anyhow?

Most people who are unemployed are actively looking for work, while others may have stopped looking and returned to school or training to bolster their chances, and still others may have for various reasons stopped looking altogether and have settled in for a life relying on some form of charity/assistance. And for physical or mental health reasons, some who are unemployed may never work for pay  for stretches of time until they recover enough to seek work again.

What’s the purpose of work anyhow? And given that there’s only twenty-four hours in a day, why choose to spend seven to twelve of them apart from the ones we love most, many of us working in jobs we find unrewarding and difficult, sometimes even bad for our health? Curious.

Well for starters, work accomplishes things that we feel need to get done in order to improve our lives. Without work, we wouldn’t have those nicely paved roads to drive on, the cars themselves wouldn’t be made, and the fuels used to power them wouldn’t be available. Without work we’d have no one to go to when we were ill, no teacher to learn from, no policeman to keep us safe as we sleep and the list goes on and on….

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