Why American Sign Language (ASL) Should Be Used Before Speech Therapy and Hearing Aids

As Social Workers and Social Work students, why do we advocate for food stamps and other welfare programs to help those in poverty, even when society tells us that the poor will only take advantage of these things? Why do we insist on exposing rape culture, even when everyone is shouting at us that those women “consented?” Why do we fight for racial equality, even when others insist that racism no longer exists? It is because we have worked and volunteered directly with these populations and we see the harm that is brought to them? We have experienced first-hand the need for welfare programs and the importance of fighting for equality. Most importantly, we have heard directly from these populations what they need, because they have told us, and we have witnessed their words to be true.

Full Story @ http://read.socialjusticesolutions.org/dv
#ASL, #Deaf, #HearingLoss, #SocialWork


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