Should You Tell Your Employer You Are Job Searching?

Yesterday afternoon I was speaking with a woman whom I worked closely with a couple of years ago when she was unemployed. She is working on a part-time basis, and is looking for full-time work. In addition to looking for more hours and more total income, she has moved, and is now taking public transit from one city to another; a trip of 40 minutes.

“Do you think I should tell my boss I’m looking for another job or not?” she asked. My first reaction was to quickly say, “No!” but I altered my view shortly. I know how difficult it was for her to secure the job she has now, and because the job she has is an entry-level job and people are easily replaced, I didn’t want her boss to fire her and then have her be unemployed again, prompting a future gap on her resume. True an employer shouldn’t terminate someone for this reason, but some do….

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