What Does It Mean When An Employer Holds A Food Drive For Its Own Employees?

In the Spotlight
Walmart has been in the news recently after a store in Canton, OH was found to be running a food drive for needy employees. As of 2010, the giant retailer employed fully 1% of working Americans, and has become known for failing to pay wages sufficient to allow even its full time employees to avoid taking government benefits. The US House Committee on Education and the Workforce has found that a single Walmart store can cost taxpayers between $904,000 and $1,744,000 a year in government benefits paid to its many employees. …

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To Judge a Book By Its Cover

Circulating every news outlet is the leaked email from Colonel Lynette Arnhart, suggesting that the Army use “average-looking” women in its marketing efforts. Colonel Arnhart was in charge of gender-integration studies and how best to integrate women into combat roles. From her email she is quoted as say ……

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Announcing: Femonomics – Money Coaching for Women (Join the Facebook Group!)

Femonomics – Women’s Money Coaching Group, is a Facebook financial education and support group dedicated to helping every woman who wants to take control of her money and gain control of her life do so….

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The New American Coverage Crisis

Prior to January 1, 2014, the usually accepted estimate of the number of uninsured people in this country will be 48 million, or about 15 percent of the population.  But on that day, the number will jump to 64 million as almost 16 million people are lost from the insurance roles.  Overnight, 20 percent of the American population will be uninsured, and the Affordable Care Act will be to blame.  This is bad news not just for the newly uninsured, but also for any health care provider who wants to stay in business.  But the worse news is that there are two more waves of this to come.

So why are so many plans being cancelled when the ACA was passed as a way to bring coverage to 30 million people?  Because in seeking that coverage level, the law mandated that every insurance plan in the country meet four requirements: 1) Offer a certain package of benefits that it may not have offered before; 2) eliminate limits on pre-existing conditions; 3) eliminate limits on lifetime caps; and 4) apply a maximum community rating provision of three to one.  16 million individual health plans across the nation do not meet these requirements, and must be flat-out cancelled on the first of the year in order to keep in compliance with the new ACA mandates….

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Invisibility Can Be Isolating

Ever been away ill for a day or two and upon your return one person remarks that it’s good to have you back, but those around you turn and say, “Oh were you away? I didn’t notice.” Worse yet, you’re gone for a couple of weeks vacation and you get the same comment upon your return? That’s not a good sign.

Or how about a situation where you put in a great deal of effort on a project which turns out to be a success, but when the boss is handing out his or her thanks to the team, everyone seems to get thanked except for you? Again, it’s a good indication that you’re being overlooked.

Now this is quite different from the person who comes in daily, performs their work well but doesn’t need the accolades and constant positive stroking that others do. In my own workplace, I’ve got a fantastic colleague who performs her job consistently well and she shuns the spotlight, but her contributions never go unnoticed and she gets thanked often, but with less fanfare than others. So this isn’t what I’m referring to in this post….

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Active Minds Stomp Out Stigma Walk 2013

A woman was on stage speaking to the crowd ready to walk and “change the conversation on mental illness” we all gathered listening so intently to a young blond, petite woman dressed in an Active Minds sweatshirt and jeans. Then she said, I am the founder/Executive Director of Active Minds and my name is Alison Malmon. I couldn’t believe before me was this down to earth executive director and founder of an organization. …

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Big Ideas for Social Work in the Making

In my previous blog post, I noted that former Congressman and social worker Ron Dellums stressed that social work was in need of a big idea that would galvanize the entire profession.  It has been brought to my attention by Allie Boston at the University of Southern California that the quest for big ……

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Explaining the concept of ‘fulfillment’ to youth: Work on your dream job right now

I met with one of my young people today to talk about a business idea he had and to design business cards. When the words “network marketing” came out of his mouth, however, I admit to having to restrain myself from reacting strongly. He said a lot of people had already advised him to be wary of scams and pyramid schemes, but he had friends and family members who were making a tidy amount of residual income through a certain program. I asked him what the root of his interest was, and he said that he wanted a fulfilling career. He didn’t want to be stuck behind a desk for forty years in a job he hated. Whenever this phrase comes up (and it often does) it’s really important to dig into what a person means by “desk job.”  …

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This Is Why Poor People’s Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense

There’s no way to structure this coherently. They are random observations that might help explain the mental processes. But often, I think that we look at the academic problems of poverty and have no idea of the why. We know the what and the how, and we can see systemic problems, but it’s rare to have a poor person actually explain it on their own behalf. So this is me doing that, sort of.

Rest is a luxury for the rich. I get up at 6AM, go to school (I have a full courseload, but I only have to go to two in-person classes) then work, then I get the kids, then I pick up my husband, then I have half an hour to change and go to Job 2. I get home from that at around 1230AM, then I have the rest of my classes and work to tend to. I’m in bed by 3. This isn’t every day, I have two days off a week from each of my obligations. I use that time to clean the house and soothe Mr. Martini and see the kids for longer than an hour and catch up on schoolwork. Those nights I’m in bed by midnight, but if I go to bed too early I won’t be able to stay up the other nights because I’ll fuck my pattern up, and I drive an hour home from Job 2 so I can’t afford to be sleepy. I never get a day off from work unless I am fairly sick. It doesn’t leave you much room to think about what you are doing, only to attend to the next thing and the next. Planning isn’t in the mix….

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The ethics of program design in youth development

One of the higher compliments anyone can pay me for my work is something along the lines of “I would love to take that workshop myself!” or “My high school- / college-aged kid could use that program!” or better yet, “Everyone could use a program like that.”  Technically, I design programs for so-called “at-risk” youth, but all that really means is being sensitive to certain needs and understanding the institutional context of their lives. What I am actually striving to create are programs with a much wider appeal—wider because in the end they aren’t aimed at “troubled youth,” but at our shared humanity. …

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