Book Review & Interview with Melinda McCloud; Fifty Shades of Crazy: Born to be a Social Worker

SJS was asked to review a book put out by social worker Melinda McCloud who wrote Fifty Shades of Crazy: Born to be a Social Worker. The story is fiction and about a character named Belinda. In the beginning of the book, she seems to be naïve and comes across as lacking empathy and compassion and wonders why people, other people cannot just ‘get it together.’  Her life is a contrast of desires and realities. Hmmm not very social work like at all. A line towards the beginning of the book that stood out for me was, “Belinda can recall as a child wanting to be a social worker. She felt it would be great to be paid to be a good person doing good things.”  Belinda is further described as being a good person, but being equally attracted to those that live on the edge. “A good person must never make a mistake, a good person must always be nice, be polite and there is little option to deviate from being good.” Wow! No one can live up to this image and especially not the character of Belinda! No wonder she is unhappy and describes herself as ‘hating’ everyone.  She has no voice! Melinda further describes Belinda as being an individual that given the option sees herself as the character of ‘Sandy’ from the movie Grease after she has the makeover and is dressed sexy and comes across a bit ‘wild.’

Quite the contradiction to be in; act one way, but think another.  Belinda is a social worker in the book and describes herself as being yelled at by clients, slapped, cursed at and threatened….

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