The Federal Shutdown: You’ve Been Bamboozled America

After a rollercoaster 16 days, the federal shutdown is over. Now it is time for us to look at what we as Americans gained, lost, and learned from the struggle. Yep, nothing. Everything just got pushed three months down the road.  There was no concrete result, other than the plant in my office is dead because I couldn’t get into the building to water it. But since I feel obligated to write something for this site, let’s take a deeper look at the national drama of October 1st to 16th.

The first thing we have to ask ourselves is, what changed over 16 days? On October 1st the Republicans wanted to defund the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Senate and President did not. On October 16th… we were at the same place as on October 1st. Although the ACA is not unfunded, it’s not really funded either, because the continuing resolution only lasts three months. Come January, the Republicans can reboot the effort to not fund it. But that likely won’t happen because both sides are now going into negotiations with the plan that a budget settlement will be hammered out by December 13th. Everything is the same, except now they’ve agreed to talk to each other.  And my plant is dead….

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