Caring Industry Demolishes Carer…Part 2

Tia’s story as a (former) Residential Care Worker with Caring Family Services continues to unravel in ways that are about her, but without her. Recapping the previous post, her employment was terminated, without written reason, although she was verbally informed her Working With Children Check (WWC) might subsequently be revoked on the basis of allegations that “had not been cleared” but could not be discussed because “the investigation was closed”.

For those who may not know, a valid and current WWC is a prerequisite for many jobs in Australia even if the work does not directly involve children. Tia needs to know where she stands, and to clear her name, so she recently decided to contact Child Protection (a unit of the Department of Human Services, DHS) to ask them about the allegations and implications for her WWC. They had been involved in the investigation and should, she understood, be able to answer questions her employer would not….

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#Caring, #Disempowerment, #WorkerAbuse


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