Children’s Mental Health: Connecting Policy and Practice

Federal policies frequently have profound effects on how social workers are able to provide services to children and families yet many practitioners and consumers are often unaware of the policies that are impacting them.  Policies come in the form of legislation passed in the House and Senate and regulations issued by federal agencies and, more often than not, these activities are a fait accompli by the time social workers learn of their existence.  Rarely do we get to weigh in on federal policies before they are conceived and enacted.

Much attention has been given to mental health issues due to recent high-profile events involving people with mental health problems from mass shootings in a theater in Aurora, Colorado and the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, to the more recent tragic slaying of an out-of-control driver in our nation’s capital.  More Americans are becoming aware of the need to adequately address the mental health needs of our citizens….

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