New Social Service Workers: Please Read

Congratulations and thank you. I do not know what led you to choose this career, or for some of you it may simply be a job; but here you are today and I for one want to thank you for stepping up.

As you work daily with the population you are hired to assist, you’re going to be sneered at, resented, envied, respected, thanked, ignored, forgotten, remembered; and all these things will both test and define you. I do hope you are strong enough. Don’t be a knight in shining armour; for that only means your metal hasn’t been tested.

If you are in it for only the pay or the job security, I pray your exposure to and impact on people is minimal; for if you didn’t already realize it, every single day of your working life you now have the power to influence people and your words may raise someone’s hopes, or at the extreme, you may literally bring about someone’s death. With this job, comes immense responsibility. Take it, but not yourself, seriously….

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