The Job Search

Here in Ontario Canada, Autumn has just arrived. While there are a few days here and there to come of warm temperatures, the thermometer today registered a crisp 2 degrees celcius as I got in the car, and some low-lying areas had a thin blanket of frost. The trees are a mix of greens not yet turned, golds and reds ablaze in their fall splendor, and soon it will be time to put away all the summer furniture, turn off the backyard waterfalls, turn over the gardens with compost and hunker in for the first flakes that foreshadow the bitter winds and snow to come.

This is a perfect time of year to embark on a job search, or to renew your self-commitment and re-focus on getting out there and marketing yourself. Seriously? Really?

Well let’s brainstorm some positives if you’re having a problem believing that assertion. Here’s a short list:…

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