New Webinar: Connecting Clients to Consumer Financial Protection

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT
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Deceitful predatory lenders and businesses consistently perpetrate financial abuses on clients and consumers; until 2011 there wasn’t much to be done about it. Now this country finally has an independent federal agency specifically c ……

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Resilience and World Reconstruction

When the stresses of life are ordinary and manageable, most of us feel we have it together. We have a cohesive sense of ourself and the world. Things are in place and we understand how they connect. But under the strain of trauma, this cohesiveness may be replaced by a feeling of fragmentation and ……

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Giving the Gift of a Debt Free Holiday

“Present Series 4″ by Jennifer Boswell (oil painting)

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of a debt free holiday? Are you ready to help your clients do the same?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two largest shopping days of the year, are still many weeks away, but holiday promotions and sh ……

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Book Review & Interview with Melinda McCloud; Fifty Shades of Crazy: Born to be a Social Worker

SJS was asked to review a book put out by social worker Melinda McCloud who wrote Fifty Shades of Crazy: Born to be a Social Worker. The story is fiction and about a character named Belinda. In the beginning of the book, she seems to be naïve and comes across as lacking empathy and compassion and wonders why people, other people cannot just ‘get it together.’  Her life is a contrast of desires and realities. Hmmm not very social work like at all. A line towards the beginning of the book that stood out for me was, “Belinda can recall as a child wanting to be a social worker. She felt it would be great to be paid to be a good person doing good things.”  Belinda is further described as being a good person, but being equally attracted to those that live on the edge. “A good person must never make a mistake, a good person must always be nice, be polite and there is little option to deviate from being good.” Wow! No one can live up to this image and especially not the character of Belinda! No wonder she is unhappy and describes herself as ‘hating’ everyone.  She has no voice! Melinda further describes Belinda as being an individual that given the option sees herself as the character of ‘Sandy’ from the movie Grease after she has the makeover and is dressed sexy and comes across a bit ‘wild.’

Quite the contradiction to be in; act one way, but think another.  Belinda is a social worker in the book and describes herself as being yelled at by clients, slapped, cursed at and threatened….

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Stress + Unemployment = ?

Right off the bat I am pretty sure some people who might benefit from reading this post will pass it by just based on the title. Why?

As humans, it’s natural for us to avoid at all costs things that probably will be uncomfortable or unpleasant. So why then read about stress and throw in unemployment for good measure; especially if you are unemployed and feeling beat down under a mountain of stress? What possible good could come of that?

The answer is that understanding stress, and the relationship of stress and unemployment can help put some things in perspective, answer a few nagging questions, the most notable being, “Why do I feel so bad all the time?” Stress is almost always thought of in a negative way, but stress itself is inherently neither good nor bad, and in some situations stress can be the very thing that prompts action necessary to survive….

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Social Work and Hospice Ethics: Words Matter

“Ethical responsibilities flow from all human relationships.”

Code of Ethics,
National Association of Social Workers

An apparent convergence exists between social work values and hospice values. This coming together is interesting and worth some further exploration and discussion. Values exist at the core of professional ethical behavior. Values and ethics have a direct effect on professional practice. They are represented by key words and phrases. The key words coincide in these two aspects of health care, in the social work profession and the hospice care movement. They also diverge.

Both sets of values emphasize the central importance of human relationships. Both are explicit about the worth and dignity of the individual. Both agree that respect for the individual is a critical idea. Both hold self-determination as a fundamental concept. Both sets of values are aimed directly at meeting the needs of vulnerable populations. Cultural competence and knowledge of social diversity are viewed as vital to high quality service provision. Both clusters place emphasis on advocacy for the population served and the style of service provided. Political action is included in advocacy. Research, education, and outreach are embedded in core values. Accountability to patient, family, community, and profession is required. Integrity is explicit and expected: behavior in a trustworthy, honest, and responsible manner….

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Tell The NFL To Go Purple For Domestic Violence

The National Football League has a long track record of supporting the fight against breast cancer, but is generally silent when it comes to the nation’s problems with domestic violence. 1 in 4 woman and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. When compared to 1 in 8 woman and 1 ……

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How brains are built: the core story of brain development

In just four quick and easy minutes, this terrific animated graphic explains how adults and communities help children build healthy brains, and how that process can be derailed by toxic stress.
The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative developed the video, with assistance from the Harvard Center on the ……

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The Missing Peace: Mindfulness Based Practice

“Certainly physics designed the bombs, biology the germ warfare, chemistry the nerve gas and so on, but it will be the unhealthy emotions of individuals that will trigger these horrors. These emotions can only be controlled, reshaped and re-channeled by technologies developed from successful inner s ……

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Continuing Education Mandated For Social Workers In New York

This week, Governor Cuomo signed into law a bill that would require Social Workers to receive continuing education credits to maintain their license. Beginning January 1, 2015, social workers will need to have 36 hours every three years. This is a fairly low number when compared to other states with similar licensing requirements, and even lower when looking at other professions with mandated continuing education. Currently, some social workers in New York are already required to receive continuing education by their employer but there has yet to be a legal mandate to do so….

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